> CV19 96 130 "Pro Power" Speed, Quickness and Reaction Drills > Alan Stein > 90 min > 2009
  • With Alan Stein, Professional Strength Coach and Owner of Stronger Team, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Montros Christian (MD) High School in this incredible five-part DVD, Alan Stein shares over 130 professionally-tested drills to improve the speed, agility and quickness of any athlete on your squad.
  • Stein begins with a warm-up segment that includes drills to put your athletes through every fundamental movement in all three planes of motion.
  • Part 2 is Stein's Dynamic Flexibility series that engages the athletes in active movement preparation. 
  • Part 3 features drills for speed development where Stein focuses on developing speed with starting, stopping, forward movement, back pedaling, shuffling and running laterally.
  • In part 4, Stein shares agility and quickness drills that train an athlete to start, stop and change direction as quickly as possible.
  • In the final section, Stein adds a visual component to train and enhance an athlete's ability to react rather than anticipate. Stein's drills are simple and easy to implement and require only tennis balls and comes to perform. Train you team to maximize their athletic potential. 

> CV01 96 PREPARING TO PLAY THE BOB KNIGHT WAY > Bobby Knight > 54 minutes > 1993 
  • This is the same intensive strength and conditioning program used by the Indiana University basketball program.  Bobby Knight directs you through an effective and efficient way to improve your physical preparation including ways to improve your quickness, strength, conditioning and stamina.  These ideas can be modified to either boys or girls at any level.  An excellent tool for both coaches and players looking for that extra edge.  Recommended for ages 16 and up.

  • The tape focuses both cardio-vascular workouts and weight training to the sport of basketball.  By increasing your overall strength, you will see an increase in both speed and flexibility.  The components covered in the video highlight ways to improve strength, speed, power, agility, flexibility, muscular endurance and cardio-vascular endurance.  An excellent tool for athletes looking to achieve an overall improvement in their game.  Recommended for ages 16 and up.

> CV03 96 OFF-SEASON CONDITIONING PROGRAM FOR BASKETBALL > Joan Bonvicini > 43 minutes > 1990 
  • Joan Bonvicini and George Mehale of Long Beach State University, teach you how to become a better basketball player by using their unique training program.  In their presentation, they focus on mental and physical readiness, challenging yourself and how to simulate court movement.  Bonvicini uses three phases of conditioning, land training, weight training and deep-water conditioning.  Recommended for ages 16 & up.

> CV04 96 PLYOMETRICS > Don Chu > 42 minutes > 1990 
  • Don Chu, the strength and conditioning consultant at California State University at Hayward, outlines what plyometrics are and how you can use them to maximum your game.  Plyometrics integrate your weight training program with your running program.  He focuses on warm-up, jumping, cardio-vascular work and upper body work.  An excellent tool for any athlete or coach.  Recommended for ages 16 and up.

> CV05 96 THE FIFTY MINUTE ALL-AMERICAN WORKOUT > Steve Alford > 50 minutes > 1987 
  • Former Indiana University All-American Steve Alford, along with his father / coach, leads you through a fifty minute workout emphasizing discipline, desire and intensity.  The tape will build endurance, sharpen shooting skills and instill confidence in your game.  Included are a number of drills and pointers excellent for all levels of play.

> CV06 96 OFFENSIVE SCORING ALL-STAR WORKOUT > John Scott > 45 minutes > 1990 
  • Learn how to increase your scoring average by up to 10 points per game!  This tape will teach 8 incredible offensive moves, how to read and attack a defender, learn to use the right move and when, how to play one on one correctly, build scoring confidence and aggressiveness, learn the moves used by the pros and much more.

CV07 96 CENTERS / POWER FORWARDS ALL-STAR WORKOUT > John Scott > 35 minutes > 1990 
  • This tape is designed to focus on the "big man" position and will teach: low post offensive play, big man moves (drop step, power moves, fade-away jump-shots, etc.), physical conditioning, shooting drills, how to play one on one from the low post and much more.

CV08 96 GUARDS / SMALL FORWARDS ALL-STAR WORKOUT > John Scott > 35 minutes > 1990 
  • This tape is designed to focus on the point guard, shooting guard and small forward positions and will teach:  effective ball handling, free throws, full court dribbling skills, shooting drills and skills, jumping exercises, defensive footwork and much more.

CV09 96 FOUL SHOOTING ALL-STAR WORKOUT > John Scott > 20 minutes > 1990
  • Designed for all basketball players, this video will teach: how to become a 90% free throw shooter, proper mechanics of foul shooting, correct methods of concentration, dozens of motivational concepts and ideas and much more.

CV10 96 60 MINUTE SKILLS WORKOUT > John Scott > 60 minutes > 1993
  • Coach Scott takes you through this fifty-minute workout that is designed to provide both advanced skill development & conditioning in a short time period.  All drills used are direct game skills in nature and should be practiced at full or game speed in order to see success.  Performed daily, this workout will help you to improve your coordination, speed, offensive moves, dribbling skills, free throw accuracy, shooting, ball handling, intensity, confidence, concentration and much more.  This presentation will help any athlete looking to improve their skills & conditioning.

CV11 96 40 FUNDAMENTAL DRILLS FOR TEAM PRACTICE > John Scott > 45 minutes > 1995
  • This video will focus on the importance of a proper team warm-up before a practice or game.  Coach Scott breaks down each drill with the proper techniques for developing shooting skills, ball handling, dribbling skills, passing and rebounding.  Probably the most detailed tape on the market with regards to team practices, this presentation is excellent for both players in the off-season and for coaches at all levels to provide the best practice atmosphere.

CV12 96 BASKETBALL DEFENSIVE WORKOUT > John Scott > 45 minutes > 1995
  • Coach John Scott takes you through this workout video designed to increase your skills, fundamentals and abilities when playing hard-nosed defense.  The tape is broken into two levels of defensive play.  The first is a look at the fundamental defensive skills needed to succeed in basketball with the second being “disruption defense”, where you defensively attack your opponent mentally & physically.  The tape offers numerous tips and drills beginning with the basics of D, developing into an advanced workout.

CV13 96 “CIAMPI”ONSHIP SHOOTING WORKOUT > Joe Ciampi > 57 minutes > 1995
  • Coach Joe Ciampi of the Auburn University women’s team explains his program on how to devise a system that all your players will understand and be able to develop as strong shooters.  He stresses simplicity and execution, balance, the ready position, and follow through.  The workout is timed a 30 minute recorded program designed for any level of athlete, at any time of the year.  Portions of the workout include individual & team speed lay-ups, bank shots, short corner jumpers, 3-point shots, and post-specific bank shots.  All the examples are timed and can be implemented into any practice situation or as an individual workout.

CV14 96 APPLYING PLYOMETRICS – PARTS 1 & 2 > Dean & Greg Brittenham > 64 minutes > 1990
  • This exciting introduction to plyometrics helps anyone see exactly how the hops, jumps and skips used in plyometric drills relate to movements top performers can execute in basketball and other team sports.  A huge number of workouts are shown for the beginner to advanced athletes.  Extensive use of slow motion and stop action photography break down each drill for effective learning!

CV15 96 RAISE YOUR GAME – SCORING SECRETS OF A SUPERSTAR > Cynthia Cooper > 35 Minutes > 1999 
  • WNBA superstar Cynthia Cooper walks you through a number of key components required to become a champion.  Topics covered include the triple threat position, shooting, passing, dribbling and more.  A number of key points, individual drills and tips are provided in this workout video, which will help any player take their game to the next level.

CV16 96 THE CHAMPIONS’ WORKOUT > Cynthia Cooper > 40 Minutes > 1999 
  • WNBA superstar Cynthia Cooper continues her series with her Champions’ Workout.  The video reveals the secrets for achieving optimum performance in competitive athletics.  With guidance from nationally recognized strength and conditioning coach Anthony Falsone, you’ll see what an Olympic gold medalist, scoring champion and WNBA MVP does to get in shape during the season and stay in shape during the off-season.  Topics include motivation, nutrition, flexibility, strength & aerobic training and more.  A must for any female basketball player looking for the competitive edge.

CV17 96 JUMPING AND ELEVATION WORKOUT > Scott Phelps > 35 Minutes > 1998 
  • This video shows you how to train yourself to become a better jumper in the sport of basketball.  Over 40 different drills are shown featuring jumping techniques, strength training (power and agility) and more.  This is an excellent tool for any player or coach to include in their training programs.

CV18 96 Aggressive Defensive Conditioning Drills > Jerry Tarkanian > 40 minutes > 2001
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