Sport Manitoba has presented $21,000 in academic scholarships to eight high school students, seven university students and four Manitoba student coaches. The presentations included the Manitoba Foundation for Sports Scholarships, Milt Stegall Scholarships, Bud Tinsley Sport Leadership Scholarship, Coaching Manitoba Bursaries and Princess Royal Pan Am Scholarships.  Basketball recipients included Amir Ali, Sam Kinsley, Jayden McKoy, Tristan Therrien, Emily Tuttosi,

Manitoba Foundation for Sport Scholarships
This year the Manitoba Foundation for Sports scholarships (MFFS) recognized the exceptional achievements of 15 student athletes. These athletes represent 6 towns/cities and 15 different sports.

$500 High School Scholarship Recipients  - Bio's

  • Mengyao (Christina) Huang - Fort Richmond Collegiate – Volleyball, Cross Country, Track and Field
  • Sampson Kinsely – Hapnot Collegiate – Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball
  • Jayden McKoy – Miles Macdonell Collegiate – Football, Basketball
  • Megan Miscavish – Dakota Collegiate – Volleyball, Handball, Field Hockey
  • Christina Posthumus – Kildonan-East Collegiate – Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer
  • Tristan Therrien – College Jeanne-Sauve – Volleyball, Badminton, Basketball
  • Mikal Thrones – Margaret Barbour Collegiate Institute – Cross Country, Track and Field
  • Emily Tuttosi – Souris School – Rugby, Basketball
$1,000 University Scholarship Recipients - Bio's

  • Amir Ali - University of Manitoba - Basketball
  • Kendra Garagan – University of Manitoba – Swimming
  • Jesse Greenberg – University of Manitoba – Disc Sport
  • Logan Grzenda – University of Manitoba – Soccer, Badminton, Golf
  • Riley MacCharles – University of Manitoba – Triathlon, Rowing
  • Tyler Mislawchuk – University of Manitoba - Triathlon
  • Taylor Pischke - University of Manitoba - Volleyball
Milt Stegall Scholarships
This scholarship increases the awards for the top graduating high school student entering a post-secondary institution to $1,000, and the top student in their second or subsequent year in a post-secondary institution to $2,000. Recipients of this year’s two Stegall scholarships have been selected from today’s foundation scholarship recipients.


  • High School – Sampson Kinsley – additional $500 totaling $1,000
  • University – Tyler Mislawchuk - additional $1,000 totaling $2,000
Bud Tinsley Sport Leadership Scholarship - Bio's
This scholarship was created last fall, in memory of Robert (Bud) Tinsley, by his family and friends. The scholarship recipient is selected from among the Manitoba Foundation for Sport scholarship recipients, based on the added criteria of leadership.


  • Amir Ali - $500
Coaching Manitoba Bursaries
One male and one female each from Winnipeg and Rural Manitoba each received a $500 bursary to be used toward their 2012-2013 tuition. The bursaries have been named after two special coaches in Manitoba: Silvio Sboto and Jeff Collins.


  • Silvio Sboto Rural Coach Award Female – Shelly Kroeker – Landmark, Swimming
  • Silvio Sboto Rural Coach Award Male – Aaron Cyr – St. Andrews, Volleyball
  • Jeff Collins Winnipeg Coach Award Female – Dana Cartlidge – Winnipeg, Gymnastics
  • Jeff Collins Winnipeg Coach Award Male – Cameron Krisko – Winnipeg, Special Olympics Track and Field, Swimming
Princess Royal Pan Am Scholarships
One male and one female high performance athlete enrolled in a post-secondary institution in Manitoba each received $3,000 today.


  • Female - Taylor Pischke - University of Manitoba, Volleyball
  • Male – Kevin Kowalyk – University of Manitoba, Rowing

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