The Junior Bison Basketball club has announced that it will be opening a new fundamental program for children born in 2003 and 2004. As part of the implemented grade 4-5 program, players will have the opportunity to learn the basics of the game with the help of a large coaching staff composed in part by University studentathletes. Not only the club is offering appropriate basketball training to younger boys, but it continues to develop the positive relationship between the Junior Bisons and the Bison Men's team.  The Program starts in September 2013, with one practice week, running to May 2014. The Club will be hosting ID camps on August 24.  The Junior Bison club is helping more than a hundred students in developing basketball skills and essential life skills as well. Among other advantages to become a Junior Bison...

  • A 9 month program with individual follow up focusing on the players

  • All players receive a Bison pass giving access to all regular season games

  • Free club events ( Jamboree, Bison night ) and Free clinics

  • Affordable fees and access to the University facilities

For more information, please contact or visit our website

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