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    May 2, 2013

    TEAM LIST UPDATED: Club Championships Deadline Past - Teams Registered Summary to Date

    Club Basketball Provincial ChampionshipsTEAM LIST UPDATED: The deadline has now passed for the upcoming Club Provincial Championships. Keep reading to view the list of registered teams to date. Please inform Basketball Manitoba immediately of any errors in the listing. The team schedules will be posted by Tuesday May 7th. Basketball Manitoba is pleased to offer basketball teams from around Manitoba the opportunity to participate in a spring basketball championship. The Club Basketball Provincial Championships are open to any school or club team and traditionally runs in the middle of May. The 2013 event will take place at locations in Winnipeg on the May 9-12 weekend. Age divisions include 14U, 15U, 16U, 17U and 19U for both males and females. For details...

    Club Basketball Provincial Championships

    May 9-12, 2013 - Winnipeg


    Club Provincial Championships Teams Registered to Date

    Final divisions will be set by week's end and the schedule will be produced Tuesday May 7th. 

    List Updated May 3, 2013

    Team Name Coach Name
    19U Male Winnipeg Storm 19UM Eric Sung
    19U Male Anishinabe Pride 19UM Keith Mason
    19U Male FORCE 4 19UM Mary-Jo Hovorka
    19U Male Winnipeg Wolverines 19UM Wilfredo Edic
    19U Male Team Mayhem 19UM Alex Barra
    19U Female Anishinabe Pride 19UF Kelly Chinchilla
    19U Female Manitoba Magic 19UF John Barbosa
    17U Male -B Oakbank Sabers 17UM Duane Jarvis
    17U Male -A DOGS 17UM Stephen Tackie
    17U Male -A So Smooth 17UM Suk Singh
    17U Male -A Jr Bison Boys 17UM Dan Law
    17U Male -A Junior Prov 17UM Chris Funk
    17U Male -A Winnipeg Elites 17UM Spencer Harrison
    17U Male -A Winnipeg Spirit 17UM Red Ducharme
    17U Male -A The Academy 16UM Mike Page
    17U Male -A Winnipeg Wolves 17UM Tyler Kohut
    17U Male -A Team Mayhem 17UM Alex Barra
    17U Female -B BCB Senior Girls 17UF Jp beauchemin
    17U Female -B ACC Jr. Cougars 17UF Ilarion Bonhomme
    17U Female -A Sanford Sabres 17UF Kelli Sinnock
    17U Female -A Manitoba Magic Tan 17UF Michael Tan
    17U Female -A Inner City Wesmen 17UF Bob Axworthy
    17U Female -A PBA Wolverines 17UF Jocelyn Edic
    17U Female -A Panthers Quiogue 17UF Jon Quiogue
    17U Female -A Team Mayhem 17UF Alex Barra
    17U Female -A Manitoba Magic Young 17UF Andy Young
    17U Female -A EDGE 15UF M. Nowrang
    16U Male -A Winnipeg Wolves 16UM Mathew McGrath
    16U Male -A Inner City Wesmen All-Stars 16UM Grant Richter
    16U Male -A Manitoba Magic 16UM Patrick Kerr
    16U Male -A Garden City 16UM Jeff Penner
    16U Female -B Anishinabe Pride 16UF Kelly Chinchilla
    16U Female -B Thompson Wolfpack 16UF Wes Braun
    16U Female -B CP Pride 16UF Adam Hartman
    15U Male -B Dakota CC 15UM Kirk Knight
    15U Male -B Anishinabe Pride 15UM Mike Chartrand
    15U Male -A Junior Bison 1998 15UM Kelly Caldwell
    15U Male -A Nemesis 15UM Edwin Porcioncula
    15U Male -A Manitoba Magic 15UM Albert Morcilla
    15U Male -A Winnipeg Wolves 15UM Karl Schroeder
    15U Male -A Winnipeg Elites 15UM Jon Giesbrecht
    15U Male -A Team Mayhem 15UM Alex Barra
    15U Female -B Swan Valley 15U Tigers 15UF Gary Wowchuk
    15U Female -A Winnipeg Storm 15UF Darryl Antymniuk
    15U Female -A Blazers Basketball 15UF Fred Mighty
    15U Female -A MERC Wesmen 15UF Nicolas Tanchuk
    15U Female -A Panthers Ford 15UF Jody Ford
    15U Female -A FORCE 4 15UF Andrew Klaprat
    14U Male -B Team Mayhem 14UM Alex Barra
    14U Male -B Swan Valley Tigers 15UM Brendan Fedorchuk
    14U Male -B Winnipeg Wild 14UM Kay Mulenga
    14U Male -B BCB  Junior Boys 14UM Stephen Lamoureux
    14U Male -A Blizzards 14UM Ruel Maranan
    14U Male -A Manitoba Magic 14UM Arsenio Delacruz
    14U Male -A Winnipeg Wolves 99 14UM Dean Favoni
    14U Male -A Junior Bison 99 Black 14UM Herve Vincent
    14U Male -A Team Mayhem 14UM Alex Barra
    14U Female -B Manitoba Magic Grade 5/6 14UF Wayne Morton
    14U Female -B Swan Valley 14U Tigers 14UF Gary Wowchuk
    14U Female -B JRB - Thompson Juniors 14UF Kristin Donovan
    14U Female -B JRB - Thompson Seniors 14UF Kristin Donovan
    14U Female -B Force Four 14UF Cam Brown
    14U Female -B BCB junior girls 14UF Jp Beauchemin
    14U Female -B Neepawa Tigers 14UF Kerri Hayhurst
    14U Female -A Winnipeg Thunder Girls 14UF Ariel Garcia
    14U Female -A Anishinabe  Pride 14UF Marty Boulanger
    14U Female -A Manitoba Magic Blanca 14UF Neil Blanca
    14U Female -A RUSH 14UF Brad Gusdal
    14U Female -A Manitoba Magic Guinto 14UF Ron Guinto
    14U Female -A Team Mayhem 14UF Alex Barra



    Interested coaches and players from Manitoba are encouraged to
    establish a team that fits into one of the defined age divisions.  Coaches must submit the online Team Application Form and the Team Registration Form (roster) and have full payment in by Tuesday, April 30, 2013 (4:00 pm).  For details... 

    Tournament Details


    The tournament schedules will be posted Tuesday May 7.  Register with us for
    free to be automatically notified!




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