The JRB Thompson Basketball CLub based in THompson, MB is seeking compettition against other female club or school basketball teams in the grades 2-9 range.  For details...


Greeting from Thompson!

We have started a small all girls basketball club in Thompson (Northern MB if you are not familiar with our community) and we are trying to build our basketball network for the coming season. We are interested in traveling to your communities or inviting you to ours, to play basketball games/run training camps over the weekends throughout the 2013-2014 basketball season.

Next season we will have the following teams looking for competition:

  • Grade 2/3 team

  • Grade 4/5 team

  • Grade 6-8 team

  • Grade 9 team

If you have any interest at all, or think that getting our teams together could benefit your club, please contact me at We understand that it is early to be thinking about next year, but we are just trying to create a data base of coaches who have teams and are interested in running games, camps, or mini tournaments in the future.


We are excited to hear from you,


Kristin Donovan

JRB Thompson


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