ABSSBasketball Manitoba is pleased to announce that McDole's Gym of Winnipeg has been recognized as the official strength and speed provider to Basketball Manitoba.  The new official partnership will involve McDole's Gym to be directly involved with the Manitoba Provincial Team and Centre for Performance Programs.  All members of these programs will use the McDole services exclusively with year round training.   McDole's Gym owner and operator Chris McDole commented, "We are excited to formally partner with Basketball Manitoba to work with the top basketball players in the province!".  Dan Becker, Basketball Manitoba's Technical Director and High Performance Coach added "Having our programs workout at McDole's Gym provides our athletes the best professional training to develop them into national level players."   As part of this new relationship, McDole's Gym has developed a basketball specific training program open to any athlete who wants to develop their speed and strength.  The Advances Basketball Speed Sessions is an exclusive McDole's Gym program that includes a spring, summer and fall session.  Full details can be found at...

Program Information (PDF)


Find out how to blow by your opponents with new-found combinations of explosiveness, and unmatched power! Many basketball programs out there have you running and jumping over and over, and though you may put an inch or two on your vertical, usually the number one result is sore knees and ankles. ABSS teaches basketball players that not only are lifting weights good for you; it is also the fastest way to improve your quickness, speed and vertical.

When using resistance training correctly athletes not only achieve the physique they strive for (think lean and strong, not bulky and tight), but also learn to use this newfound strength to move their body in ways they could not before. So is repetitive jumping and sprints the answer to newfound speed and explosiveness? No, but when combined with incredible strength gains, your muscles can now move your body with more force, thus running faster and jumping higher.


The ABSS System will improve your personal and team development by pushing you to achieve your goals at a fast break pace! Whether you are new to basketball or trying to make your high school or university team,ABSS is the answer!







Using Manitoba’s Premier Basketball Facility ABSS Athletes will be able to:

  • Utilize exclusive equipment to measure and improve speed and power

  • 1st step quickness in all directions

  • Improve agility/balance and shooting footwork

  • Increase vertical jump by up 6-8 inches in a year

  • Team preparation for coaches

“After a year removed from basketball, my correspondence work with McDole’s Gym and ABSS helped prepare me for this upcoming season and I feel as good as I have going into any season of my career.”

Marcus Williams, NBA veteran 



For more information on the ABSS program, contact...


Ph. 204.453.3935


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