By Suki Chhoeun

Time after time, I unknowingly run into situations and experiences where I have had to close my eyes and take that leap of faith and step forward. Growth continually has become the result and that is why you’re reading this today. As there are a wide range of topics we can start with, I feel this is the stepping stone for us to move forward together. 

Why Grow?


What do you think humans fear the most when making an important decision? Well friend, we all share this common thought and that is fear of the unknown and uncertainty of not knowing the result. Our face deep in our hands, hiding from the images of fear in which we tend to think it’s a dark and scary place, waiting on the light, just enough to guide us and make us feel safe.

When we feel uncertain or unsure of what is to come, we tend to revert backward and choose comfort and convenience rather than the decision that might force us to change and progress. The only way we can reach our true potential is by growing into individuals we see ourselves to be. John Maxwell, a sought after leadership speaker puts growth in the best terms,


“the more you grow, the more you know, you need to grow.”



Growth does not end until we choose to end the process, we must truly want to water and harvest our seeds so that we can better ourselves, our habits and our behaviour each day. Growth and change are two words we must begin to embrace if we want to become who we need to be to achieve our goals, and not only that, to be the person we can be to serve others. 


It takes me to the next question. What are you waiting for?

If we allow fear to weigh us down and stunt our growth, we have fallen into the trenches of defeat. And we no longer believe we are capable of more. Being more and doing more.

You must believe you can create your own experiences of growth. Why should we wait for an event, or a bad situation to happen to make us grow, we don’t, let’s start today.





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