> EV54 102 The Pistol > Amazing Media, Inc. > 104 minutes > 2007 

  • THE PISTOL is an uplifting story of a scrawny eighth grade boy whose stunning basketball skills earn him a spot on the high school team! Unfortunately for young Pete Maravish (Adam Guier), his style of "showtime" basketball is way ahead of its time, making him the tar > get of ridicule and socially separates him from his teammates. Against all odds, Pete perseveres with the constant encouragement of his mentor and father, Press Maravich (Days of Our Lives' nick Benedict) and the love his mother Helen (Academy Award Nominee Millie Perkin). But Pistol Pete's life was about more than basketball.
> EV53 102 Hoops Dreams > Alliance Atlantis > 172 > 1995 

  • They have nothing - except talent and a dream - and in this tough Chigaco neighborhood, dreams are all they can count on. HOOP DREAMS is the critically acclaimed true-life story of Arthur Agee and William Gates and the unforgettable five year experience that turns them into men. You will come to know them and root for them as if they were your friends, your family, as against all odds, these boys prove that with faith, talent and a little luck, anyone can achieve the American Dream.

> EV52 102 NBA Hardwood Heroes > NBA Entertainment > 50 > 1998 

  • On this NBA Video you'll meet some of the League's most popular superstars, including five of the NBA's 50 Greatest Players. Hear their personal insights about the game and relive the amazing highlights from their illustrious careers. You'll cheer for these guys, who put their heart and soul through the hoop game after game.

EV51 102 Magic & Bird > HBO > 90 minutes> 2010

  • For years, the passion they shared for winning made Earvin "Magic" Johnson and Larry Bird the most bitter rivals. It also made theirs the most compelling rivalry in sports, driving the MBA to new heights of popularity in the 1980s. Narrated by Liev Schreiber, this all-new documentary tells the riveting story of two superstars who couldn't have been more different - until they forged an unlikely friendship from the super-heated rivalry that had always kept them apart.

EV49 102 Coach Carter > Paramount > 136 minutes> 2005

  • Based on an incredible true story, Coach Carter is the inspirational account of controversial basketball coach Ken Carter (Academy Award nominee SAMUEL L. JACKSON), who received both high praise and staunch criticism when he made national news for gymnasium "lockout" of his entire undefeated team for poor academic performance.
  • With the players, the parents, and the community rallying to get the team back on the court, Carter must overcome the obstacles of his environment and show the young men a future that stretches beyond gangs, drugs, prison and even basketball.

EV48 102 Something to Cheer About > Screen Media Films > 64 > 2007

  • In 1955, Oscar Robertson and his teammates at the segregated Crispus Attucks High School rose from the hatred and racism of the time to be the first all-black team ever to win a state championship. With their innovative style of play, this brilliant group of athletes changed basketball forever. SOMETHING TO CHEER ABOUT is the amazing true story of the coach, school and team that inspired the nation.

EV47 102 College Hoops Bloops > ESPN > 35 Minutes > 1991
  • ESPN's Chris Fowler hosts this unforgettable look at the lighter side of college basketball, the side that has little to do with winning or losing.  

> EV46 102 The Basketball Diaries > Leonardo DiCaprio > 102 Minutes > 1995 
  • Film adaptation of street tough Jim Carroll's (Leonardo DiCaprio) epistle about his kaleidoscopic free fall into the harrowing world of drug addiction. As a member of a seemingly unbeatable high school basketball squad, Jim's life centers around the basketball court and the court becomes a metaphor for the world in his mind. A best friend who is dying of leukemia, a coach ("Swifty") who takes unacceptable liberties with the boys on his team, teenage sexual angst, and an unhealthy appetite for heroin—all of these begin to encroach on young Jim's dream of becoming a basketball star. Soon, the dark streets of New York become a refuge from his mother's mounting concern for her son. He can't go home and his only escape from the reality of the streets is heroin for which he steals, robs and prostitutes himself. Only with the help of Reggie, an older neighborhood friend with whom Jim "picked up a game" now and then, is he able to begin the long journey back to sanity. 

> EV45 102 Semi-Pro > Will Ferrell > 91 Minutes > 2008  
  • Will Ferrell stars in Semi-Pro, an outrageous comedy set in 1976 against the backdrop of the maverick ABA – a fast-paced, wild and crazy basketball league that rivaled the NBA and made a name for itself with innovations like the three-point shot and slam dunk contest. Ferrell plays Jackie Moon, a one-hit wonder who used the profits from the success of his chart-topping song “Love Me Sexy” to achieve his dream of owning a basketball team. But Moon’s franchise, the Flint Michigan Tropics, is the worst team in the league and in danger of folding when the ABA announces its plans to merge with the NBA. If they want to survive, Jackie and the Tropics must now do the seemingly impossible – win. 

> EV44 102 Celtic Pride > Damon Wayans, Daniel Stern, & Dan Akroyd > 91 minutes > 1996
  • Lewis Scott is a stuck-up superstar who's about to lead his team to the NBA Championship.  Jimmy and his buddy Mike are a pair of die-hard basketball fans who'd do anything to help their team win...even if it means kidnapping Scott before the final game!  But when Scott ends up being a tough competitor off the court, too, he hilariously turns the tables on his dim-witted captors and sends the fast-breaking fun into overtime!  

> EV43 102 A Season on the Brink > ESPN Entertainment > 82 minutes > 2002  
  • A Season on the Brink is a book by John Feinstein which detailed the 1985-86 season of Indiana University's men's basketball team, led by the controversial coach Bobby Knight. Extremely well received when first published, the book is often referred to as "the bestselling sports book of all time." Granted almost unprecedented access to the IU basketball program, as well as insights into Knight's private life, the book spawned a new genre, as a legion of imitators wrote works covering a single year of a sports franchise.

> EV42 102 1994 World Championships of Basketball > FIBA > 96 minutes > 1994

> EV01 102 HOOP DREAMS > Arthur Agee & William Gates > 176 minutes > 1994 

  • Hoop Dreams is the critically acclaimed true-life story of Arthur Agee and William Gates and the unforgettable experience that turns them into men.  You will come to know them as if they were your friends, your family, and as against all odds, these boys prove that with faith, talent and a little luck, anyone can achieve the American Dream.  An amazing an uplifting chronicle, Hoop Dreams has been heralded as "a spellbinding American epic."   This film is an excellent motivational tool that every basketball player, coach and fan should experience.

> EV02 102 COME FLY WITH ME > Michael Jordan > 40 minutes > 1989 

  • This electrifying video includes rare footage from his days at North Carolina, spectacular highlights from his NBA career and Michael at home with exclusive footage available only on this video.  An excellent compilation of his story, designed to motivate and entertain fans of all ages.

EV03 102 THE DRIVE FOR FIVE > Los Angeles Lakers > 62 minutes > 1987

  • Laker commentator Chick Hearn takes you through the Los Angeles Lakers '86-'87 World Championship season.  Included are regular season highlights, the play-offs and the NBA finals, behind the scenes, and exclusive footage never seen before.  An interesting compilation of a NBA season, great for all basketball fans.

EV04 102 REFLECTIONS FROM INSIDE > Kareem Abdul-Jabbar > 55 minutes > 1989

  • Kareem looks back on his life and playing career through Power Memorial High School, through UCLA and to his Hall of Fame career in the NBA. The tape features appearances by Kareem's teammates, coaches and friends and is an excellent and             informative motivational video designed for all basketball fans.

EV05 102 THE FATHER OF BASKETBALL > Naismith Foundation > 23 minutes > 1995

  • The Father of Basketball is a film that chronicles the early life of Dr. James Naismith, the Almonte, Ontario native who invented the game of basketball.  Through flashbacks, the film depicts Naismith's struggle between religion and sports.  The scholarly Naismith was an educator, athlete, minister and most notably, an inventor.  The film culminates with the first tip-off at the YMCA in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1891.  A great chronology of the inventor of basketball's life.

EV06 102 FINAL FOUR - THE MOVIE > NCAA Productions > 90 minutes > 1988 
  • Final Four - The Movie is the story of basketball's ultimate championship, told in the words and pictures of the games and the times.  They're all here, every Final Four tournament from the first in 1939 to the latest.  All the jubilation, sorrow, controversy and triumph are brought to life through rare footage and personal interviews.  Featuring Bill Russell, Oscar Robertson, Jerry West, Jerry Lucas, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Bill Walton, Isiah Thomas, James Worthy, Jim Valvano, Patrick Ewing, John Thompson, Michael Jordan, Dean Smith, and hundreds more!  It's more than a movie about basketball; it's a movie about dreams coming true. 

> EV07 102 BLUE CHIPS > Nick Nolte, Shaquille O'Neal > 108 minutes > 1994

  • Championship winning Coach Pete Bell (Nick Nolte) runs the cleanest program in collegiate basketball.  But when he finds himself on the brink of his first losing season, Bell decides he must make a risky trade to protect his job: under-the-table dollars for talent.   Betraying his beliefs and the trust of his ex-wife (Mary McDonnell), Bell sign's the nation's "blue chips": a farmboy forward (Matt Nover), a playmaking guard from the projects (Anfernee Hardaway), and Neon Bodeaux (O'Neal), a 7-foot slam-dunking phenom from the bayou.  Now Bell has the best team money can buy... but is he prepared to pay the price?  An excellent look into the politics and deception found in today's college basketball.  A must see! (Language warning)

EV08 102 WHITE MEN CAN’T JUMP > Snipes – Harrelson > 115 minutes > 1992 

  • Billy Hoyle (Harrelson) and Sidney Deane (Snipes) are an unlikely pair of basketball hustlers.  They team up to con their way across the courts of Los Angeles, playing a game that's fast, dangerous - and funny.  Hoyle, a washed up college star, is on the run from gamblers from the East and meets up with Deane on the court, a veteran of the hustle, team-up to face the city's toughest competition.  A great look into the life of the street ball player. (Language and sexual content warning)

EV09 102 HOOSIERS > Hackman, Hopper > 115 minutes > 1986

  • Gene Hackman, Barbara Hershey and Dennis Hopper star in this box office hit that had audiences cheering and standing in the aisles.  The year is 1951 in Hickory, Indiana where high school basketball is followed with near frenzied enthusiasm.  Norman Dale (Hackman) arrives as Hickory's new basketball coach - an unwelcome outsider whose methods infuriate the townspeople.  When he loses the season's first game, Dale's job is shakier than ever...yet he continues to challenge his "underdog" team to shoot for the stars.  Hoosiers combines gripping drama, top-notch performances, and some of the most exciting sports action ever filmed.  It's the story of a man who refused to let his past decide his future and is by far the best basketball movie ever produced!  Excellent for all to experience!

EV10 102 DAZZLING DUNKS & BASKETBALL BLOOPERS > Marv Albert > 44 minutes > 1989
  • Hosted by NBC's Marv Albert and former Utah Jazz coach Frank Layden, this video brings you the lighter side of basketball and an inside look at the NBA's Slam-Dunk Competitions over the years.  Non-stop action, the hottest-handed shooting on record by today's superstars and yesterday's legends, plus plenty of sidesplitting bloopers, backboard-atomizing slam-dunks and impossible shots! 

> EV11 102 DAZZLING DUNKS & BASKETBALL BLOOPERS > Frank Layden > 48 minutes > 1990 

  • Just when you've thought you've seen it all - here is the ALL- edition of Dazzling Dunks & Basketball Bloopers! This time everybody gets into the act. Joining your host, Frank Layden, are our special guides to hoop hysteria including Marv Albert, Karl Malone, Doug Moe, Mychal Thompson and Bill Walton. Included are the NBA’s meanest jammin' machines, slam-dunking their way through great game action and the lighter side of the world's most popular sport. Very entertaining!!

EV12 102 BASKETBALL BLOOPERS > Sports Pages > 35 minutes > 1989

  • Basketball Bloopers shows you the sport like you've never seen it before.  Laugh at the silliest accidents, double dribbles, and fouls ever assembled.  The Harlem Globetrotters who've dribbled their ways into fans' hearts, entertain with their "on court comedy".  No basketball tape would be complete without the infamous "slam-dunk"!  Featured is footage looking at the CBA and other hard-to-find clips!

EV13 102 THE MAGIC OF BASKETBALL > > 32 minutes > 1992

  • These are the best of today's basketball stars in college and pro action.  Featuring Larry Bird, Dominique Wilkins, Kevin McHale, Wilt Chamberlain, Walt Fraizer, Magic Johnson, Karl Malone, Charles Barkley, Michael Jordan, Reggie Miller and dozens more.  It's full of excitement and plays you will want to watch again and again!

EV15 102 SHAQ ATTAQ - IN YOUR FACE > Shaquille O’Neal > 60 minutes > 1992 

  • What’s Shaq really like?  What hopes and dreams come along with that incredible physique and talent for the game?  Meet the real Shaquille O’Neal… the man behind the on-court monster.  Included are dazzling highlights from his days at L.S.U., behind the scenes of his latest commercials & music videos, and meet his family and friends.  A great video for any fan of the big man!

EV14 102 NBA COMIC RELIEF > Marv Albert > 45 minutes > 1991

  • Basketball is no longer serious business when Comic Relief comedians take over the NBA.  With Whoopi Goldberg as the new commissioner, a wild mix of comedy, basketball, and bloopers reaches its peak when the fate of the new league comes down to a single game and a last minute shot by Billy Crystal.  Featuring such NBA personalities as Chuck Daly, Ron Harper, Magic Johnson, Pat Riley, Isiah Thomas and today's funniest comedians, combining to make this hilarious saga.

EV16 102 SIZZLING SLAMS, JAMS & AMAZING PLAYS > Sports Pages > 30 minutes > 1994 

  • From the unbelievable to the unpredictable, this video is filled with the greatest hardwood highlights ever collected.  With over 100 awesome dunks, this video        is a must for every fan.  You’ll hoop it up with superstars like Larry Johnson and Glen Robinson.  Also featured are a few legends from the game including Bill Russell, “Pistol” Pete Maravich and Magic Johnson.  Watch the amazing “barking dog play” and one team that scores 258 points in one game.  A very entertaining look at basketball!

EV17 102 SUPERSTARS OF BASKETBALL > Sports Pages > 30 minutes > 1994

  • Check out the hottest hoops stars in pro basketball on “Superstars of Basketball”.  See them perform their hardcourt magic as the video shows fast-paced highlights from their college days.  Included in this tape are clips of Larry Johnson, Chris Webber, Clyde Drexler, Hakeem Olajuwon, legends of the game and many more.  An impressive chronology of basketball talent.

EV18 102 THE LIGHTER SIDE OF BASKETBALL > Sports Pages > 30 minutes > 1994

  • Take time out and laugh with some of basketball’s biggest stars like Charles Barkley, Danny Ainge, Manute Bol, and Dennis Scott.  Visit with the Harlem Globe Trotters and watch as they perform their legendary tricks, or the Bud Light Daredevils, a group that gives new meaning to the term “slam-bam-jam”!  See plenty of never seen before bloopers, buzzer beaters that are sure to crack you up!

EV19 102 “FUN”TASTIC BASKETBALL BLOOPERS > Sports Pages > 30 minutes > 1991 

  • Basketball is a game with such speed and skill that you can’t help but have some funny things happen.  That’s what this program is all about.  Whether it’s silly side-lights like the Nerf Basketball Championships or the exciting Daredevils slamming and jamming, the basketball fan is in for a lot of fun.  Then, of course, there’s a huge helping of “bad basketball” complete with the blunders and screw-ups that leave little doubt that even the best can have a really bad day!  You’ll see Charles Barkley, Spud Webb, Dr. J, David Robinson, Roy Tarpley & Manute Bol.

EV21 102 HEAVEN IS A PLAYGROUND > D.B. Sweeney Bo Kimble > 104 minutes > 1991 

  • On Chicago’s South Side, too many kids get their one shot in life at the wrong end of a gun.  But Byron Harper (Michael Warren) is determined to change all that with a dream – called basketball.  His hottest player, Truth (Victor Love) has a chance to turn pro, but first Harper has to tackle two major obstacles: Truth’s drug problem and his ambitious, crooked sports agent.  Enter Zack Telander (D.B. Sweeney), a promising young attorney who has given up his small town law practice.  He is spending a summer in the city playing pick-up basketball and re-thinking his future.  Harper asks for his help, but first Zack has to prove himself at the hoops.  That won’t be easy going up against real-life NBA stars Bo Kimble and Hakeem Olajuwon.  But in this part of town, playing the game means survival – and winning doesn’t only happen on the court.  Jammed with sensational hard-driving basketball action, HEAVEN IS A PLAYGROUND is an inspiring, fastbreak story!  Language warning.

EV20 102 THE STORY OF A GAME - The Official History of Basketball > FIBA > 70 minutes per video > 1993 

  • From its humble beginnings over 100 years ago at the Springfield YMCA, basketball has emerged as a global phenomenon.  This fascinating story is told on video in two parts and is the definitive history of the game.  Narrated by ABC’s veteran sport commentator Jim McKay, the program is packed with action footage including rare archived material.  There are historical moments, amazing moves and revealing interviews from legendary players & coaches. 2-tape set – one rental.

EV22 102 THE FISH THAT SAVED PITTSBURGH > Julius Erving > 104 minutes > 1979 

  • There once was a pro-basketball team so bad that they thought only babies dribbled and hoops were for skirts. This sorted lot was the shame of Pittsburgh until a young boy and a wacky female astrologer set out to revitalize them, not with stars, but guided but the stars. Stockard Channing and Jonathan Winters star in the careening comedy that also features Julius Erving, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Meadowlark Lemon and Jerry Tarkanian. Join the “jive-turkeys” and “cool-mother-dudes” in this story where disco meets basketball. The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh is a “whale of a tale” that will have you hooked on laughter from start to finish. Once you’ve been dunked in these waters, basketball will never seem quite the same again!

EV23 102 NBA - IN THE PAINT > NBA Action > 50 minutes > 1997

  • It’s a 16-foot by 19-foot section of NBA real estate where championships are decided and superstars are made.  It’s an area where bu > sies sometimes outnumber baskets and a place where rebounding is a continuous battle between geometry and pure brute strength.  This is the paint.  Are you ready to go up against the big guys?  With this video, you’ll climb through the air with Charles Barkley, Hakeem Olajuwon and David Robinson.  You’ll drive through the paint with Shawn Kemp, Scottie Pippen and Juwan Howard.  You’ll see how Mikan and Chamberlain not only dominated the paint, but also forever changed the way the paint is played.  Here is your chance to feel their excitement and experience their thrills.  Only NBA players know the exhilaration of being in the paint.  After watching this video, you will know it too!

EV24 102 NBA LEGACY - Living Legends to Rising Stars > NBA Action > 45 minutes > 1995 

  • This history of the NBA is filled with stories of legendary players and classic confrontations.  As new stars enter the league, that history c > ontinues to unfold.  Now you can take home generations of NBA greatness and witness how they are intrinsically linked to the leagues lore.  You’ll hear how the titanic battles between Russell and Chamberlain inspired Shaq and Alonzo Mourning.  Witness the aerial innovations of Julius Erving, the sky walking theatrics of Michael Jordan and the spectacular exploits of their “air” apparent Grant Hill.  Relive the sensational clutch performances of Jerry West, Larry Bird and Reggie Miller.  Enjoy the innovative version of Oscar Robertson, the amazing play of Magic Johnson and how Penny Hardaway and many other superstars of today are looking to add their own chapter to the NBA Legacy of greatness.

EV25 102 NBA AWESOME ENDINGS > NBA Action > 50 minutes > 1990 

  • Here’s the tape that definitely proves it “ain’t over ‘till it’s over!”  NBA Entertainment presents the most incredible last-second shots, tremendous turnarounds, and awesome endings in NBA history.  That’s not all!  There’s more awesome action from your favorites Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Isiah Thomas, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and more!

EV26 102 NBA SHOWMEN - The Spectacular Guards > NBA Action > 37 minutes > 1990 

  • The curtain is about to go up on the spectacular entertainers who have been dazzling fans for 5 breathtaking decades!  You gotta love the spectacular guards who light up the court with their razzle-dazzle moves, slight-of-hand passes and stupendous shots.  The court is their stage, and these are the most exciting crowd-pleasers ever; the forerunner of basketball showmen Bob Cousy; the man who brought flash into fashion, Earl “the Pearl” Monroe; the on-court wizardry of Magic Johnson; creativity in the spotlight with Isiah Thomas; basketball’s natural wonder Michael Jordan; plus Pistol Pete Maravich, Nate “Tiny” Archibald and other demonstrating the ultimate in basketball artistry and showmanship!

EV27A 102 MICHAEL JORDAN – Above & Beyond > NBA Action > 50 minutes > 1996

  • On October 6, 1993, Michael Jordan shocked the world by announcing his retirement from the NBA.  After leading the Chicago Bulls to three consecutive NBA Championships, Michael felt that he had nothing to prove, and the game of basketball lost one of it’s greatest players and biggest stars.  Seventeen months after his last NBA game, Michael came back in a Bulls uniform with a new challenge - to show himself and the world that he could live up to and even surpass his own awesome legend.  Now for the first time on video, Michael Jordan speaks about his retirement and his incredible return to the NBA.  Through new, exclusive, spellbinding footage, you’ll discover a rejuvenated, re-dedicated Jordan.  Hear what Michael says on the court, experience his game day routine, and learn what drives Michael Jordan to achievements above and beyond.

EV27B 102 MICHAEL JORDAN’S PLAYGROUND > NBA Action > 44 minutes > 1991

  • Michael Jordan’s Playground is a first-of-its-kind sports video that combines dazzling highlights from Jordan’s spectacular career and a dramatic and personal story line.  Inspired by the life story of one the NBA’s brightest stars, this video features Jordan in his acting debut, as he encourages a young player who has just been cut from his high school team.  This unique video also captures Jordan’s most exciting movements on the court, and conveys Michael’s own insights about how hard work and dedication will help you reach you goals.

EV28 102 THE AIR UP THERE > Kevin Bacon > 107 minutes > 1993 

  • Kevin Bacon stars as Jimmy Dolan, a fast-talking college basketball coach who’ll go to the ends of the earth to bring home all-star talent.  His hunt takes him to Winabi, Africa, where he discovers Saleh, a native warrior whose heads above the rest!  Unfortunately, Saleh has no interest in the pleasure-filled world of college sports.  But when the Winabi decide to settle differences with a neighboring tribe on the basketball court, it becomes a whole new ball game!  Join the team you’re sure to love as this fast-break comedy soars from the opening tip-off to the final buzzer!

EV29 102 NBA SUPER SLAMS 2 > NBA Action > 45 minutes > 1995

  • It is the most breathtaking and memorable play in all of sports.  In the blink of an eye, the slam-dunk lifts fans out of their seats, stuns the opposition, and turns a player into a legend.  Hosted by Julius Erving, you can marvel at the high-flying acrobatics of Michael Jordan, the grace of Dr. J, the raw power of Shaquille O’Neal, and a galaxy full of other stars who dare to defy gravity in the name of defeating a steel rim.  Savor the acrobatics of Dominique Wilkins, Chris Webber, Shawn Kemp and Spud Webb as you are escorted inside the arenas and behind the scenes for the greatest dunks in the history of basketball.

EV30 102 NBA AT 50 > NBA Action > 120 minutes > 1996 
  • Join Denzel Washington as he hosts this golden anniversary look at the game, players and coaches who helped create NBA history.  Among the stories featured in NBA at 50 are George Mikan, the NBA’s first marquee star; the Russell - Chamberlain and Magic - Bird rivalries; the building of Red Auerbach’s Celtic dynasty; all-time greats Jerry West, Oscar Robertson and Elgin Baylor; the influx of the ABA style, including Dr. J and George Gervin; the Michael Jordan phenomenon.  Contains bonus video segments on the 50 Greatest Players in NBA history by position. 

> EV31 102 THE PISTOL - The Birth of a Legend > Adam Guier > 104 minutes > 1990

  • “Pistol” Pete Maravich had a dream - a dream that he could achieve anything if only he could believe in it hard enough.  He wanted to change basketball forever - to become the greatest player the game has ever seen.  Pete Maravich played with the determination of a champion.  The Pistol is the true story of a legacy handed down from one generation to the next.  Much more than a story about basketball, The Pistol is the story of a boy and his relationship with his father.  A story of hope and inspiration.  By far one of the best basketball movies ever made!

EV32 102 TIME OUT, BABY! > Dick Vital > 35 minutes > 1990 

  • It’s a unique look at college basketball’s most incredible players put together as only Dick Vital can.  Through seldom seen footage, you’ll relive the college days of Jerry West and Elgin Baylor, Kareem’s early days as “Lew”, Bird’s beginnings at Indiana State and so much more.  Dick chooses, by decade, the best players for each position for what he calls his “Rolls Roycers”.  He also introduces his “PTP'ers”, “Rock Dish Supreme”, The Windex Men”, and his all time “Slam Bam Jammers”.  They’re all here… Wilt, Magic, Jordan.  So take “Time Out, Baby!” and welcome to Dick Vitale’s world of college basketball.

EV33 102 SHAQUILLE O’NEAL – LARGER THAN LIFE > Shaquille O’Neal > 55 minutes > 1995 

  • Don’t miss the chance to get up close and personal with one of sports history’s most amazing phenomena’s.  With exclusive NBA footage, unmatched access, Shaq’s own music, and intimate commentary from Shaq himself, this video takes you inside the Shaq legend like no one has before.  Follow Shaq as he rises from his whirlwind days in San Antonio, to his spectacular college career at LSU to his extraordinary entrance into the NBA.  Take a courtside seat, as he becomes one of the league’s most dominant and charismatic players.  Join him behind the scenes as he stars in movies, shoots TV commercials and music videos.  Shaq is one of the world’s most celebrated superstars, and this unique video offers a personal look at the man and the player behind the superstar.  Narrated by Samuel L. Jackson.

EV34 102 BASKETBALL BLOOPERS AND BLUNDERS > Front Row Productions > 30 minutes > 1992

  • This video showcases the weird and wild occurrences in the game of basketball and includes rough and tough footage of teammates running fast, jumping high and colliding – fumbles, bumbles and stumbles that will leave you wondering after all that practice how can the playing be that bad!  On the other hand, life above the rim is portrayed with clips featuring the art of the slam-dunk and see amazing buzzer beaters.  Adding to the fun are the crazy antics of coaches, cheerleader, mascots and players off the court.

EV35 102 SUPER STARS OF SPORTS – BASKETBALL > Front Row Productions > 45 minutes > 1992

  • The game of basketball has produced some of the world’s most awesome athletes.  The sport combines speed, agility and power, and results in some highflying feats of scoring that are simply incredible.  This line up of all time great players represents the truly elite performers.  The highlighted superstars include… Oscar Robertson, Pete Maravich, Isiah Thomas, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Julius Erving, Charles Barkley, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, David Robinson and dozens more!

EV36 102 DOUBLE PUMP SLAM DUNK BASKETBALL BLOOPERS & BLUNDERS > Front Row Productions > 60 minutes > 1993 

  • This special 2-tape set showcases the outrages and wild occurrences in the game of basketball.  Featured are some of the greats of pro basketball, with footage that spans 40 years.  Funny, action packed moments retold by some of the most famous of the sport, including Charles Barkley and Darryl Dawkins.  It’s all right here to double pump, slam-dunk you over in disbelief and laughter!

EV37 102 HE GOT GAME > Denzel Washington > 136 minutes > 1996

  • Academy Award winner Denzel Washington stars in this must-see story about a convict given one shot at a second chance to be a father!  With promises of a reduced sentence, Jake Shuttlesworth (Washington) is granted temporary release from state prison in order to persuade the nation’s top college basketball recruit… his estranged son Jesus (Ray Allen of the NBA) to play ball for the Governor’s alma mater.  The movie features cameo appearances by Dick Vital, John Thompson, Dean Smith and more – He Got Game is a critically acclaimed hit you don’t want to miss!  (Language and sexual content warning)

EV38 102 SPACE JAM > Michael Jordan > 88 minutes > 1996

  • His Airness and His Hareness: what a team!  Michael Jordan slams, Bugs Bunny jams and a cavalcade of Looney Tunes stars hoop it up in Space Jam, the rim rattling animated / live action roundball romp from Hollywood talents!  The jokes fly and the fun never stops as the Tune Squad takes on the Nerdlucks in a hardcourt game to decide if the Looney Tunes remain here… or become the attractions at a galactic off-ramp called Moron Mountain.  The Nerdlucks have a monstrous secret weapon on side: they've stolen the skills of top NBA stars like Charles Barkley and Patrick Ewing and become “Monsters”.  That’s not all folks; the Tune Squad also has a secret weapon, which just happens to be the best player in this or any other world… MJ.  It’s out of this world fun!

EV39 102 MICHAEL JORDAN TO THE MAX > Michael Jordan > 46 minutes > 2000 

  • The action is on!  Michael Jordan explodes on screen in this box office hit – “The most exciting live-action IMAX movie ever” (New York Post).  Follow Jordan’s last basketball season as he leads the Chicago Bulls to their sixth NBA championship.  Michael Jordan to the Max provides a rare glimpse of the superstar on and off the court.  Featuring electrifying on court action and candid interviews with Phil Jackson, Steve Kerr, Doug Collins and Bob Costas.  Get ready to experience some of the greatest moments in modern sports history from one of the most dominant sports legends of all time.

EV40 102 LOVE AND BASKETBALL > Omar Epps, Sanaa Lathan > 127 minutes > 2000

  • From the playground to the pro-leagues, Monica and Quincy taught each other how to play the game.  Now, their commitment to the sport will force them to make a choice between each other and the game… between family and team… between Love and Basketball.  Produced by Spike Lee, Love and Basketball is a critically acclaimed movie about discovering your dreams, taking your best shot and making them come true.

EV41 102 ‘PISTOL PETE’ – THE LIFE AND TIMES OF PETE MARAVICH > CBS Sports > 68 minutes > 2001 

  • Narrator Harry Connick Jr. hosts this CBS Sports special looking at the life of one of basketball’s greatest showmen, ‘Pistol’ Pete Maravich. Go back to the ‘Pistol’s’ roots with his father and coach Press Maravich in the back woods of Louisiana.  Follow him through his phenomenal record-breaking high school and college career and his entry into the NBA as a ‘hot-shot’ rookie.  Special appearances by Julius Erving (Dr. J) and NBA coach Cotton Fitsimmons.  This amazing documentary is a must see for any basketball fan!
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