> DB11 95 Coaching: Defensive Basketball > Rick Suffield > 90

  • The goal of this book is the describe basic skills, drills, and game simulations to enable coaches to teach sound, successful defensive basketball. the concepts and drills can be adapted to any level of basketball from the junior high school to the collegiate level.
  • The overall objective is to make your defensive system player accountable.
  • The specific objectives are to:
  • Provide mental training guidelines that will allow your players to be successful;
  • Give you the confidence and tools to effectively teach different defensive systems using a consistent player/coach language;
  • Explain a total defensive system in an organized fashion so that you can make it simple for the players to understand; and
  • Provide you with team practice drills and competitive game simulations that teach your team how you want them to play in real games. 

> DB10 95 Multiple Defenses For Winning Basketball > Delmer Harris > 256 pages > 1971

> DB09 95 Zone Press Variations for Winning Basketball > Cliff Ellis > 103 pages > 1997

  • Zone press Variations for Winning Basketball (2nd edition) presents an overview of all types of the zone press: the full-court zone press, the three-quarter-court-zone press, and the half-court zone press. 

> DB08 95 Encycolpedia of Defensive Basketball Drills > Burrall Paye > 211 pages > 1986 

  • 40 fundamental drills to stress the basic mechanics of defensive basketball.  You'll see the quick foot movement drill to condition players quick foot movement drill to condition players and teach quickness....the triangle defensive stance drill to teach lateral sliding as well as the swing, approach, and retreat steps....and the half-court sliding drill to improve backward slides for retreating defenders. 

> DB02 95 ARIZONA MATCH-UP DEFENSE > Lute Olson > 41 pages > 1989 

  • Coach Lute Olson of Arizona walks you through his match-up defense by discussion points such as his defensive philosophy, 1-2-2 match-up, player responsibilities, terms, system breakd > own, 2-3 match-up, breakdown drills, rebounding and more.  A great option to teams looking for a different defensive option.

> DB01 95 THE TEMPLE OF ZONES > Don Casey > 92 pages > 1984

  • Don Casey is recognized as one of the best teachers of the zone offense.  This book breaks down the elements of a good zone defense including different sets, rotations and options when using a zone.  Drills and explanations for each are provided with text and illustrations.  Refer to DV17 for the video version of this book.

DB05 95 S.O.S. – PRESSURE DEFENSE > Bob Kloppenburg > 118 pages > 1989 

  • Defensive expert Bob Kloppenburg explains with great detail his approach to teaching a solid pressure defense.  Topics include the six keys to winning with pressure defense, one on one on & off ball pressure, pressure D in the post, switching to beat the screen, 3-on-3 & 4 on 4 actions and mastering 5 on 5 pressure defense.  The book contains a number of diagrams and illustrations to guide a coach through the system.

DB04 95 JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL DEFENSE > Kris Treat > 28 pages > 1995 

  • Coach Kris Treat discusses a simple to teach defense for a Junior High program to implement into their system.  Defensive topics include man to man, stances & slides, team defense, 4-1 press and the 1-2-2 match up.  A great book for any youth coach to refer to when teaching defensive principles to their team!

DB03 95 ARIZONA PRESSURE DEFENSE > Lute Olson > 33 pages > 1989

  • Coach Lute Olson of Arizona discusses the pressure defense that his program uses.  Topics covered include basic concepts, individual fundamentals, developing the defense through drills, on and off ball drills & skills, “shell” drill, rebounding drills, 2 on 2 through to 5 on 5 drills and extended pressure skills.  A good look at a way to teach a solid pressure defense!

DB07 95 101 DEFENSIVE BASKETBALL DRILLS > George Karl > 127 Minutes > 1997 

  • NBA coaching great George Karl provides 101 defensive drills in this book that any coach can use to implement into their practice sessions.  Topics include drills on transition, man to man skills, footwork, zones, full-court pressure, one on one, rebounding, post D, defending against the screen and how to properly “switch” screens.  Each drill is explained with an objective, descriptions, illustration and additional coaching tips.  A great way to improve your team’s defensive abilities!

DB06 95 DEFENSIVE DRILLS > Various US College Coaches > 64 pages > 1980

  • Over 60 College Coaches contributed their favorite defensive drills to this very concise book.  Items include ball denial, help defense, shell drill, pressure defense, trapping, switching, hedging and dozens more!  A very through look at defensive development!
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