> AB13 107 The Ultimate Guide To Sports Marketing > Stedman Graham, Lisa Neirotti & Joe Goldblatt > 303 > 2001 

  • Includes vital industry information, Internet strategies, and more
  • An Insider's Look at the Dynamic World of Sports Marketing
  • Sports marketing is a prestigious and challenging­­ career. The Ultimate Guide to Sports Marketing, Second Edition, will show you how to get your foot in the door and, once inside, construct a solid career in virtually any sport-related field you choose.
  • The first book to go behind the scenes to examine all the fundamentals­­ from getting that elusive first job interview to acquiring funding, negotiating contracts, managing event logistics, and more,­­ this integrated approach to sports marketing features:
  • Discussions with top-level professionals who helped establish and define the field
  • The SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis A proven method for identifying internal aspects and external variables that may affect your success
  • Sample agreements for independent contractors, sponsorship, licensing, endorsements, and venues 
  • Whether you are managing and marketing sports organizations, products, events, or even the athletes themselves, you must be able to look beyond the games to keep them functioning seamlessly. Let The Ultimate Guide to Sports Marketing act as both your guidebook and fingertip reference for entertaining building a career in ­­the exciting world of today's sports marketing. 
> AB12 107 Coaching, Enhanced Productivity and Motivated workgroups > GENCOR > n/a > 2001  

> AB11 107 Legal Issues in Sport: Tools & Techniques for the Sport Manager > Rachel Corbett, Hilary Findlay & David Lech > 246 > 2008 

  • This text fills the need for an accessible textbook covering the issues faced by people studying or already working in any sport management capacity. There are many legal principles that anyone in sport management must understand and apply on a daily basis. This book presents Canadian students with a broad range of principles, issues, and cases, along with providing the practical application of essential legal theory in the sport context. Covering everything from risk management to contracts, violence in sport to negligence and liability and much more, this will be a welcome resource for courses at universities and colleges, as well as for practicing sport managers.
  • It is suitable for many audiences, including: undergraduate or graduate students who are taking courses in sport management, sport and law, kinesiology, or recreation; more intensive college and university college courses in which students need more than recreation basics, but require a broader legal perspective; many sport organizations beyond universities and colleges where a resource is required to conduct employee education workshops; for distribution to members and boards, and for employees to use on a daily basis as a valuable reference and resource. 

> AB01 107 FUNDRAISING FOR SPORT AND RECREATION > William Stier Jr. > 208 pages > 1994 

  • This ‘cookbook-style’ guide is filled with complete, step-by-step instructions for over 70 proven fundraising events.  From standards such as candy sales and sports dinners, to unique ideas like a ‘mile of art’ show and a ‘cow drop’, you’ll find a wide variety of ideas to choose from.  The book also features a ‘fundraiser finder’ that lists every event’s net profit possibilities, complexity, people needed and money required.  Whether you are a coach at a high school, administer of a youth sports program, teach at a rec. centre or work for a non-profit organization, this book will help you meet the fundraising challenge head on.

> AB02 107 RUNNING A SUMMER SPORTS DAY CAMP > Barry Kipness > 46 pages > 1987 

  • This booklet outlines the key points you need to follow to successfully coordinate a sports day camp.  Kipness covers promotion, budgeting, staffing, insurance, teaching content, registration and more.  A useful collection of information you can use to put on the best camp possible!

> AB03 107 HOW TO… DEVELOP MEDIA RELATIONS > Canada Basketball > 19 pages > 1985 

  • This booklet will provide you with the information you need to successfully develop a solid relationship with the media in your area.  Topics include communication, developing your media release, putting together media kits and hosting a media conference.  A useful read to ensure you are getting the most exposure possible for your basketball program!

AB04 107 HOW TO… ORGANIZE A ONE DAY PLAYER CLINIC > Canada Basketball > 21 pages > 1988 

  • This booklet will provide you with the basics o how to put together a successful player development clinic n your area.  Topics covered include planning, budgeting, clinic content, organizing the day, awards, evaluations and more.  A good collection of information suitable for any clinic administrator!


  • This sport management manual tells you everything you need to know to how to successfully coordinate and manage sporting events.  Topics covered include planning your financial, risk management, registration, scheduling, facilities, equipment, recognition, transportation, housing, promotions, public relations, communication, evaluation and staffing objectives.  A number of tips, ideas and more are offered in this very concise handbook – a must for anyone in sport administration!


  • This book will provide you with detailed information on how to properly run a basketball camp in your area.  The book covers topics such as planning, scheduling, awards, advertising and promotions.  A very detailed look at the inside workings of a successful camp!

AB08 107 HOW TO… ORGANIZE A TOURNAMENT > Canada Basketball > 12 pages > 1985 

  • This Canada Basketball publication offers some tips and ideas you can take in planning a successful basketball tournament.  It provides a ‘to do’ checklist, details of what needs to be done, scheduling tips and registration.

AB09 107 HOW TO… ORGANIZE A LEAGUE > Canada Basketball > 18 pages > 1985

  • Canada Basketball provides a list of key points you need to achieve to begin a successful basketball league.  Ideas include planning, registration, scheduling, program content, developing coaches and officials, budgeting and league wrap up. 

AB10 107 HOW TO… PREPARE A TRAINER’S KIT > Basketball Canada > 10 pages > 1985

  • This Canada Basketball booklet lists the key items required to properly stock a medical kit for a basketball team and track your player’s medical history for emergency purposes.
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