Team Mayhem is looking to sell 12 gym mats for the best offer given. If no offers given then we will donate the mats to schools, or Community Centres that give us notice of wanting the mats. They will have to be picked up and transported to locations by the person or organization that is wanting them. Any monies we collect from the mats will go towards expenses that Mayhem players need help with.

There are 12 mats. Each mat has 3 - 24" x 48" folding sections. Total mat size 48" x 72" with Velcro

Most of the mats have not been used. The other mats were only used for 3 months. 


If interested please respond to Alex Barra at any of the contact information below.

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Alex Barra

Director of Operations

Winnipeg Team Mayhem

Basketball Club 



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