Manitoba Basketball Hall of FameThe Manitoba Basketball Hall of Fame has announced that the next Induction Dinner will be held on Saturday October 5, 2013. The Selection Committee is now
requesting nominations of worthy candidates for the 2013 Induction that meet the set criteria.  Deadline to submit a nomination for the next induction is December 15, 2012.  To submit a nomination...


All nominations are welcome.  The criteria / guidelines used by the selection committee are as follows...



  • who have been consistently outstanding
    players over a number of years on provincial, university, national, or
    professional teams;

  • who were resident in Manitoba or who,
    after playing in Manitoba (high school or university), then played
    outside the province;

  • who have been retired from organized
    competitive basketball for a minimum of three years.


  • provincial, university, or
    professional teams which have won at least one national, or world

  • high school teams which have won a
    minimum of three provincial championships within a six-year period.


  • coaches, trainers, managers, sponsors,
    media persons, and sport administrators who are generally recognized as
    having made a significant contribution to the development of basketball
    in Manitoba.


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Manitoba Basketball Hall of Fame Nomination Form



Send completed nomination forms to:

Manitoba Basketball Hall of Fame Committee

c/o Basketball Manitoba

145 Pacific Ave,  Winnipeg  MB  R3B 2Z6


Fax: 204-925-5929 

The deadline for
submitting nominations is December 15, 2012. 


More information on the Manitoba Basketball Hall of Fame can be found at

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