The Winnipeg Sun and the University of Winnipeg are pleased to offer Winnipeg Minor Basketball teams in the age 11-14 range an opportunity to participate in the 1st annual Winnipeg Sun 3on3 Classic.   Deadline to enter is Wednesday, November 28th.  Therefore, University of Winnipeg will be preparing schedules by Friday November 30th so check back then!  For more info...



  • 8 teams in the 11-12 Boys age range 

  • 8 teams in the 13-14 Boys age range

  • 6 teams in the 11-12 Girls age range

  • 6 teams in the 13-14 Girls age range

Interested teams must complete the two attached registration forms and submit it to the WMBA league office WITH THE TOURNAMENT ENTRY FEE ($40.00).  Divisions will fill up quickly.

The 8 or 6 teams in each division that register will be in the tourney!  - 3 games guaranteed Teams must play in their respective age divisions only – no playing up a level. 5 players max per division, Open to Community Club and RSL members only.  No spots will be held verbally. Only teams with full payment and completed forms will get in!  



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