The Pure Skill Basketball Training Program has announced that its fall program will run weekly begining in October and will be targetting athletes in grades 7-12.  For full details...




Our mission is to provide a high level basketball program for youth to enhance their basketball fundamental skills. The program include strength and conditioning training to develop core strength, upper and lower body strength, power, speed and agility to enhance the players performance. 

The program is geared towards female players in junior high and high school.

If you want to improve your offensive skills, become a better defender and at the same time have the stamina and power to go head-to-head against a rival,

register now with Pure Skills Basketball program.

Basketball skill training focus:

- ball handling

- shooting

- passing

- rebounding

Strength training focus:

- core strength

- upper / lower body strength

- speed / agility

- power

Pure Skills Basketball registration form.


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