Week 3 wrapped up with 4 more games into the record books.

Game 1 -  The 17U girls Provinical Team defeated the Red River Rebels 62-56 in antoher hard fought game.  Emily Potter and Nikki Majewki led the Provinical team attack with 16 and 7 points respectively.  Trey and Sela paced the Rebels with 12 and 8.

Game 2 - The undefeated All Stars 1 defeated the All Stars 2 by a score of 78-60.  Patti PArker and JoAnne Wells scored 22 and 20 for the victors while Muba Ilelaboye and Lauren Mortier scored 19 and 10 points repsectively.

Game 3 - A strong University of Winnipeg effort powered them to a 91-12 victory over CMU.  Alex Warburton and Allysa Grant led the Wesmen attack with 19 and 15 points each.

Game 4 - The University of Manitoba Bisons pulled away from a feisty University of Winnipeg College team 97-61 in our final game of the week.  Robyn Eyer, Brittany Koop, and Sheree Carmoua paced the Bisons with 23, 19, and 18 points respectively.  Sonia  Radi was the College Wesmen's top gun with 18 points. 

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