This past weekend, the University of Manitoba and the Junior Bison program hosted their annual club basketball tournament in Winnipeg. The club welcomed teams from within and out of province to come participate in an action packed weekend of competitive basketball.  The 2012 event was a bigger year for entries from last year and was up 5 teams this year to 56 total teams. Each played in 7 different age brackets with more than 96 games played over the weekend. The club welcomed 7 out of town teams during the event, with entries from Regina, Saskatoon and Winkler.  For a summary of the 7 different division winners and a link to a number of pictures taken...


  • Grade 5 - 6 - Champion “Regina Cougars”

  • Grade 7 - Champion “Blizzards”

  • Grade 8 - Champion “Mayhem”

  • Grade 9 - Champion “Academy”

  • Grade 10 - Champion “Manitoba Magic”

  • HS Green - Champion “Winnipeg Wolves”

  • HS Yellow –Champion “WinnipegSpirit”


Thanks to all who attended, your team made our 2012 tournament a huge success and we appreciate your support!



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