On Thursday, April 12, Basketball Manitoba hosted the 3rd Annual Club Basketball Summit. The meeting included 20 key stakeholders from the club basketball system including coordinators and coaches along with some Basketball Manitoba board members. The club system is playing an ever-increasing role in the development of basketball throughout the province. The goal of these summits is to improve communication and to help coordinate club activities so that all those involved have a positive experience and the game continues to grow and improve. Some very important discussion took place in an open and informal atmosphere. Some of the topics covered were...

  • Timelines for all try-out windows – Fall and Spring

  • Club championships

  • Relationship between the clubs and our provincial teams

  • Recruiting protocols and codes of conduct

  • Player movement and roster freezes

  • Need to promote increased female participation

  • Out-of-province travel and insurance claim procedures

  • Coach education and gender appropriate benches

  • Possibility of a tournament circuit to replace the Rising Stars schedule

  • Need to have good representation of the club system at the Basketball Manitoba Annual General Meeting on June 14

All club basketball people should familiarize themselves with the many resources offered through the Basketball Manitoba website on the Club Resource Centre page at Thanks to all who attended. This kind of open discussion and communication is very positive in the continuing development of the game we all love! 

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