Big-Country-Basketball.pngThe Big Country Basketball Club (formerly JRB) has announced that it will be hsoting an opeb club basketball tournament on Aptil 27-29 in Winnipeg at both St. John's Ravenscourt and the new Lindenwoods Community Centre gyms.  The tournament is open to girls teams in grades 3 and up to an open women's division.  The youngest level (grades 3-4) will be played in the 3 on 3 format and include a boys division.  For details and how to register...





  • 3 games guaranteed

  • Tournament Registration Fee = $200.00

  • Full 40 minute games

  • All teams must carry the required insurance and be registered with Basketball Manitoba

  • Please fill out a form for every division being entered

  • Please email form to or fax to (204) 943‐9643

  • Teams will not be entered into the tournament without full payment

  • Cheques made payable to BIG COUNTRY BASKETBALL 

PDF Tournament Registration Form (PDF)

PDF Team Registration Form (PDF)


Grade 3-4 3on3 Basketball Tournament 

During the Inaugural 2012 Big Country Basketball Tournament being held April 27 - 29, 2012 we have reserved some gym space for our Grade 3 / 4 Male athletes to participate in their own 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament!

Following the format that the Winnipeg Minor Basketball Association and Basketball Manitoba will be piloting for the 8 year Old Boys Division Spring 2012 Division, all games will be played in a 3 on 3 half court setting. This encourages a more age appropriate fundamental skill development of players based on Long Term Athlete Development concepts.

By having two 3 on 3 half court games at the same time, there will be an extra 2 athletes on the court at any given time. As each half court game will have its own ball in play but less athletes (remember there are only three offensive players and 3 defensive players per side) the athlete spacing will allow for less congestion and increased touches for each competitor. This should give each child the opportunity to touch, catch, shoot or pass the ball as many times during the game which results in more skill development and enjoyment.

Each game will begin with a brief introduction to the concepts of 3 on 3 basketball by one of our Big Country Basketball coaches who will also be acting as referees. Each possession starts in a scoring position at the top of the circle of the key. This cuts out the time in the middle of the court providing more real playing opportunities. It slows down and simplifies the game which allows for enhanced learning.

To see the WMBA accouncment and rules that will be followed please click here.  

Dates and Times

April 27 - 29, 2012 *** 

*** The game schedules have not been set as we will wait until the WMBA Spring Schedule has been announced so that we can SCHEDULE THE GAMES AROUND THE WMBA weekend games.  


$100.00 per team.  Ideal team size is 6 athletes so it allows each team to have two lines


    Lindenwoods Community Centre

    414 Lindenwood Drive West

    Winnipeg, MB, R3P 2K5 

To register your team or athlete please send an email to Stephen Lamoureux at   

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