The Inner City Jr. Wesmen program, together with Salisbury House of Canada Ltd is pleased to announce a fundraising opportunity for inner city youth and the Inner City Jr. Wesmen Program.  Bob Axworthy, coach and program director of the Inner City Jr. Wesmen Program along with Earl Barish President and CEO of Salisbury House of Canada Ltd. are pleased to announce that the Sals Community Connection ‘Fun’Raiser Program has chosen the Jr. Wesmen Inner City Basketball team as the participating organization for their eight ‘fun’ raising days running on specific dates during December, 2011 and January, 2012.



 “This partnership with the Inner-City Jr. Wesmen is very much a win-win situation. This initiative fits with our company’s desire to give back to the community and help support groups that tackle the problems of the inner city”, said Barish. The ‘Fun’Raiser program supplies special authorization letters to the Inner City Jr. Wesmen who will then forward them to their supporters for presentation at Salisbury House Restaurants on appointed days. The best part of the program is that 20% of proceeds will be donated back to the Inner City Jr. Wesmen Program.

“The support of Salisbury House of Canada and Earl Barish is greatly appreciated by the University of Winnipeg and the Inner City Jr. Wesmen Program. The program now offers opportunities for the kids in sports, education and employment. We hope this combination will help change the lives of the inner city youth in our city” added Axworthy. 

These letters will be distributed at the Inner City Girls Wesmen Classic Tournament that runs on December 12 and 13 and as well at the 45th Annual Wesmen Classic (December 27-30). The authorization letter can also be downloaded at and Basketball Manitoba’s website

The Inner City Jr. Wesmen Program has over 100 boys and girls participating in basketball and soccer each year. For more information or to make a contribution supporting the programs, please contact Bob Axworthy at  (204) 489-0720 or email at


For further information contact:

Bob Axworthy – (204) 489-0720

Earl Barish – (204) 837-8687

Grant Richter (204) 786-9897

Sheldon Appelle (204) 786-9823


PDF Download Community Connection 'Fun'Raiser Authorization Form (PDF)



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