Sample ImageCoaching Manitoba has announced it will be hosting a FREE NCCP Resistance Training Course to coaches on Saturday December 3, 2011 from 9:30 am - 1:00 pm at the Sport for Life Centre, 145 Pacific Avenue in Winnipeg.  This module is a professional development tool that has been developed with coaches of young athletes in mind. The goal is to allow coaches to design safe, effective programs for athletes who are interested in and physically ready for resistance training. In addition to a core set of exercises, variations have also been provided in an easy-to-follow format.  For details...


Every coach knows that it’s a long way from a youngster’s
initial dream to its fulfillment. Years of practice are essential to mastering
sport skills and achieving one’s capabilities. In addition to discipline,
mental toughness, and a competitive streak, every athlete must also possess
certain physical characteristics.

Strength has long been recognized as a key physical factor
fundamental to athletic performance.

Among the key topics covered are:


  • ·        
    Who should do resistance training and why?

  • ·        
    What factors need to be considered when
    developing strength?

  • ·        
    What resistance training methods should athletes

  • ·        
    How should a program with weights be designed?


It is our sincere hope that though this module coaches will
gain the insight necessary to provide their athletes with a framework for
continued success in their sport and in their lives.

We are hoping you can join us. Your feedback will assist in
improving the module for future NCCP professional development programs. This
program is delivered in partnership with the Coaching Association of Canada.

To register please contact Greg Guenther at 925-5669 or
Sheldon Reynolds at 925-5913 or submit information below:



NCCP Resistance Training
Registration - Registration

Saturday, December 3rd

Sport Manitoba Sport for Life


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 Please email this information to or drop off your
registration to the Coaching Manitoba office 2nd floor, 145 Pacific

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