HockeyThe Manitoba Aboriginal Sports and Recreation Council will be hosting the 2011 Manitoba Indigenous Games at the Opaskwayak Cree Nation and Pequis on July 11-23.  Basketball will be featured at the U15, U17 and U20 age levels.  For full details...

The Opaskwayak Cree Nation and Pequis will be the hosts for the 2011 Manitoba Indigenous Games from July 11 - 23rd.

The following sports will be hosted for both male and female aboriginal athletes:

Week One - Opaskwayak

  • Soccer  · U15, U17 and U20                 

  • Basketball  · U15, U17 and U20

  • Golf  · U17 and U20

  • Canoeing  · U15, U17 and U20

Week Two - Pequis

  • Volleyball  · U17 and U20

  • Softball · U17 and U20

  • Wrestling · 1993 - 1996

Age Groups:       U 15 (97' and later)          U17 (95' and later)           U20 (92' and later)

Registration Fee:  $150.00 per athlete (includes 2 meals per day, accommodations and competition fees)

Registration Forms available online at:

For more information contact:  Team Manitoba Sports Hotline · 204-925-5937 email: 
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