Sports is pleased to announce the Bison Athlete Walkway of Honour. This one of a kind new initiative in North America will be displayed outside of the Investors Group Athletic Centre (IGAC). Each former Manitoba Bisons student-athlete, who chooses to participate, will have a individual life-lasting plaque (approx. 5”x7”) with the name, sport number (where applicable), position and years played positioned on a display tower (approx. 7’ tall) on the Bison Walkway of Honour, to be set-up by the Fall of 2011.

There are five main purposes of the Walkway:

  • •    For each former Manitoba Bisons student-athlete to be honoured and
    recognized for life on the University of Manitoba campus and celebrate
    the memories of their athletic experience.

    •    To honor and assist our present and future Bison athletes in their
    quest for excellence in their sporting and academic pursuits.

    •    To provide a legacy (scholarship endowment) for future Bison athletes in their sport

    •    To enhance the Bison Sport brand on the University of Manitoba campus

    •    To activate our alumni and provide opportunities to get to know our
    student athletes and share the history and pride of their sport at the

University of Manitoba
“This project is a huge step forward in establishing the brand and
tradition of Bison Sport in a classy visual display on the U of M
campus, " stated Project Coordinator Rick Suffield.
Any Manitoba Bisons student-athlete who has ever played on a Bison team
in football, basketball, volleyball, track and field (or cross country),
swimming and men’s hockey can become a part of the Walkway. To
be involved, there is a one-time opportunity for former Bison
student-athletes by completing the form available online at by June 30, 2011.

There are several unique contributor options to become a member of the Bison Athlete Walkway of Honour. A
one time payment of $750 (tax savings of $283.60); two annual payments
of $375 (tax savings $265.60); three annual payments of $250 (tax
savings $224.40) or pre-authorized payments of $21, $32 or $63 per month
directly from a bank account. Contributors can mail, by phone or online
payment via

The official unveiling of the Bison Walkway of Honour will be in the Fall of 2011.  In conjunction with the Walkway, at least one Bison sport will be
featured annually in a festival reunion event; each team will have a
member of their Walkway of Honour visit the team on a monthly basis
during the season to talk to them about their experiences as an athlete
at Manitoba; a member of the Walkway of Honour will be featured monthly
during the season in a “Where Are They Now” story on each team’s website
and at least one event per year in each sport will be a featured Bison
Athlete Walkway of Honour day/night.
After the initial one-time opportunity for former Bison
student-athletes, which involves Bison coaches and over 100 Bison alumni
ambassadors contacting former teammates during May 1 to June 30/11
period, there will be an ongoing campaign to add new Bison alumni after
their graduating year starting with the end of the 2011-12 season.

sport teams not currently included in the Walkway will be added in the
future as the number of alumni reaches the critical mass required.
“This is an exciting opportunity for Bison Sports teams to reconnect
with the Alumni,” commented Bison Sports Athletic Director Coleen
Dufresne. “The impact of this project will be felt by all Bisons from
the past, present and into the future.”

For more information, contact Bison Athlete Walkway of Honour
Project Coordinator: Rick Suffield at 204-480-1445 or at website:

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