MBCA would like to thank and congratulate all the award winners and team members from the 2011 All-Star Saturday festivities held at St. Paul's High School on April 16!   Basketball Manitoba would like to thank the MBCA organizing committee for putting on the 2011 All-Star Saturday. Members included Jeff Laping, Garth McAlpine, Rob Schrofel, Kirby Schepp, Jen How, Jason Poponne, Jim Anastasiadis, Sopear Chhin, Heather Booy, Lee Hurton, JoAnne Small, Dean Favoni, Stacy Hawash, Dan Becker, Hildebrandt and Adam Wedlake. We would also like to thank our volunteer photographer from Dakota Collegiate... Garrett Fauche. Thank you!  The following 700+ pictures were taken at the MBCA All-Star Games & Banquet...

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Check out the full collection of 700+ pictures from the day on our Facebook page



Full High-Resolution Original Image Galleries

To properly view the below collections, click on the 'Image Gallery View' button at the top right of the opened page, then the image itself to view it in a variety of resolutions. You are welcome to download and copy any of the photos in the collection at no cost.  

Details on the award recipients can be found HERE.


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