Basketball Manitoba is pleased to offer a new program to coaches and their respective teams who are in need of some direct hands on support! The Team Assist Program aims to provide Manitoba basketball coaches with a one on one practice support mechanism with some of basketball's top veteran mentor coaches!  Our current line up of the 15 available TAP Coaches brings a combined base of over 400 year of experience to the table!  The TAP is perfect for a coach looking for a different base of drills and ideas to change up their practices, a one on one environment with an experienced 'mentor' coach or a different voice in your practice for your athletes to learn from for new ideas or to emphasize a certain aspect you are trying to
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Program Details

  • The program is open to ANY level of basketball team in Manitoba. 

  • A TAP Coach is available to come in and assist or run a practice and be available for a 30 minute pre and post practice consultation on your specific coaching needs.

  • You and your coaching staff are expected to attend your team practices the TAP Coach is not to be used as a 'Substitute coach' for your team.

  • TAP Coaches are available on a first come, first served basis.

  • Priority in booking will be made to programs who have not booked a TAP Coach already

  • The program cost to have a TAP Coach attend a future practice or provide one on one coach consulting is $45.00 / hour (includes GST).

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