Basketball Manitoba is pleased to announce the full training rosters for the Centre for Performance and 17U Female Provincial Teams for 2010-11.  The Canada Basketball Center for Performance Program is a regional
training centre designed to bring together male and female Canadian
basketball athletes aged 12-17 who have the desired attributes and
potential to develop into an elite level athlete.
Coaching the CP program this year include Male Head Coach Dan Becker, along with assistants Randy Kusano, Darren Johnson, Jon Lundgren and Ryyan Koleric.  Leading the Female program is Stacy Hawash along with assistants Mark Neves, Adam Khan, Darren Sampson, Michael Tan and Cassie Reimer.  The new Provincial Team Pilot Program for its 17U Female Juvenile Program is an attempt to assemble and develop the best
teams to represent Manitoba next summer.  A short list roster of 15-20
athletes have assembled to train over the fall, winter and
spring months heading to the Canadian National Championships in August
2011. Coaching the 17U Girls Team will be the current head coaching
staff Tanya MacKay along with Tami Pennell and Sarah Holder.  For the full list of athletes in all the programs...        

Canada Basketball Centre for Performance - Manitoba Male

  1. Avery Cadogan

  2. Ben Miller

  3. Boris Zimbakov

  4. Casey Blanca

  5. Colby Kyliuk

  6. Colson Reimer

  7. James Wagner

  8. Joey Nitychoruk

  9. Jordan Kelly

  10. Junior Sesay

  11. Kuet Kuet

  12. Luke Nitychoruk

  13. Michael Ogoms

  14. Nathan Warburton

  15. Shaquiel Nichols

  16. William Kohler

  17. William Sesay

  18. Zachary Giesbrecht

Centre for Performance Coaches

  • Dan Becker - CP Men's Head Coach

  • Darren Johnson -
    CP Men's Assistant Coach

  • Randy Kusano - CP Men's Assistant Coach

  • Jon Lundgren - CP Men's Assistant Coach

  • Ryyan Koleric - CP Men's Assistant Coach

Centre for Performance Coach Biographies


Canada Basketball Centre for Performance - Manitoba Female


  1. Atoosa Jalayeri

  2. Brittanie Parisien

  3. Emily Mann

  4. Emma Arnott

  5. Jayme Tully

  6. Jasmine Ibrahim

  7. Jordan Tully

  8. Katelyn Campbell

  9. Kerilynn MacLennan

  10. Kyanna Pingue-Giles

  11. Kyia Pingue-Giles

  12. Lisa Wiebe

  13. Mackinley Scherger

  14. Montana Kinzel

  15. Paige Blanca

  16. Raine Richard

  17. Raizel Guinto

  18. Sara Ibrahim

  19. Shannon Boyd

Centre for Performance Coaches

  • Stacy Hawash - CP Women's Head Coach

  • Adam Khan - CP Women's Assistant Coach

  • Mark Neves - CP
    Women's Assistant Coach

  • Tai Puhawan - CP Women's Assistant

  • Darren
    Sampson - CP Women's Assistant Coach

  • Michael Tan -
    CP Women's Assistant Coach

  • Cassie Reimer - CP Women's Assistant

  • Tai Puhawan - CP Women's Assistant

Centre for Performance Coach Biographies




17U Female Provincial Team: (more information on program...)


  1. Alyssa Bauer

  2. Brittany Wiebe

  3. Brooke Pattyn

  4. Christina Posthumus

  5. Colleen Moyer

  6. Emily Potter

  7. Emily Wankling

  8. Isabella Selk

  9. Janessa Siemens

  10. Jenilyn Monton

  11. Kara Falkowski

  12. Kerri Kuzbyt

  13. Kianna Cadogan

  14. Kierra Coomber

  15. Lauren Anderson

  16. Mariah Barbosa

  17. Megan Noonan

  18. Paige Bevan

  19. Taylor Thorkelsson

17U Female Provincial Team Coaches

  • Tanya MacKay - 17U Female Head Coach

  • Tami Pennell - 17U Female Assistant Coach

  • Sarah Lundgren - 17U Female Assistant Coach

  • Suki Chhoeun - 17U Female Assistant Coach

Manitoba Provincial Team Coach Biographies



Manitoba Provincial Team




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