Sport Manitoba has announced that it will be hosting its grand opening for Phase 1 of the new Sport for Life Centre on Thursday April 15 at 11:30 am.  The new Centre is the new home of Basketball Manitoba at 145 Pacific Avenue (at Lilly St.) in Winnipeg's Exchange District.  Those interested in attending are asked to RSVP to the Marketing Department.  Details on the opening and on the Sport for Life Centre including plans for Phase 2 can be found at...

Sport Manitoba Special Invitation to attend the GRAND OPENING phase<br />			1 of the Sport for Life Centre...


behalf of Sport Manitoba please accept this
invitation to
our Grand Opening of Phase 1 of the new home for
amateur sport
– the Sport for Life Centre:


April 15, 2010


- 1:30pm


Opening at 12


will be offered

Sport For Life Centre
145 Pacific Avenue, Main Floor




you haven't already done so, please RSVP by clicking
or call 925.5605 »

You <br />						are invited...


Sport for Life Centre is a 120,000 square foot
that will provide Manitobans with a multi-use
focused on community capacity building,
leadership development
and training, sport medicine research and
and healthy living activities and education.
It also
offers working space for staff, volunteers and
of 62 sport and community groups.


first of its kind in Canada, the Centre is
being built
in two phases, with components of phase 1 now
Please join us as we officially open Phase 1
of the
Sport for Life Centre.



Sport and life. The values we learn through sport serve us not only
on the arena, rink or court, they serve us well in life. Where else do
we learn how to become part of a team, and perfect the ability to win
and lose gracefully?

Sport is a teacher. It teaches determination, builds the will to
overcome and succeed, and creates an understanding that we can set goals
and achieve them.sportforlifecentrefront

Sport is a mentor. The encouragement, words of wisdom and ideas for
improvement we receive from coaches and volunteers are applied to many
facets of our lives and continue to reverberate in our minds, long after
the match has ended.

Now imagine bringing together all the very best elements of sport
under one roof. The resources, the training, the education and
technology, the practice field, even the history of our greatest
athletes all gathered in one accessible and central location.

It was this vision that motivated the creation of the new Sport for
Life Centre. A centre for everyone - from adults and children of all
ages, to volunteer coaches, officials, and high performance athletes.
Comprised of an unprecedented array of services and expertise, this
advanced approach offers more than the sum of its parts.

Its' the opportunity for high performance athletes to act as role
models for local children. It's about using new technology and
programming to reach into neighborhoods where programs and sport are
woefully lacking and engaging Manitobans in activity that provides a
sense of belonging. It's about the health and well-being of our
community and finding new ways to bring out the best in people.

Sport is for Life.

reading about the key components of the Sport for Life Centre


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