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    April 1, 2010

    New Regulation Size Basketball Announced

    Basketball Manitoba today announced details on a new size of basketball which will, effective immediately, replace the old Size 7 (or regulation) size basketball for male players ages 14 and up.  The new ball size has increased to a circumference of 34.5" (up from 29.5") of the old Size 7 ball.  The new ball will be referred to as a Size 10.  The changes affect all levels of play including school, club and university / college basketball.  For an illustration of the new sizes...

    Basketball Manitoba Executive Director Adam Wedlake commented...

    "We welcome this change to the ball with open arms.  Players have been getting larger and larger over the years, so it was only time before this change became obvious."

    The ball will have a slightly heavier weight along with the new size.  The old size 7 ball weighed 22 ounces, where the new size 10 ball will weigh in at 32 ounces.

    Wedlake added, "We expect there to be a break-in period for the new size will take some getting used to while passing or shooting, especially with accuracy to the rim.  This is just another great transition to the sport that will only make the game more challenging."

    The change came after a in-depth study performed by consulting firm Yad, Sloof and Lirpa who concluded the average player's hands and height have increased by 17% since the year 1891, the year the sport was invented.  The ball size was increased in size by that same number in human growth.
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