Basketball Manitoba is pleased to announce that Suki Chhoeun and Danielle and Adele Baril have been named recent recipients of the Sport Manitoba 'Women to Watch' coaching and athlete grants!


Danielle Baril

Adele Baril

Suki Chhoeun

Suki Chhoeun


and Adele Baril were both members of the 2009 Vincent Massey Provincial Championship Team and long time members of the Manitoba Provincial Team and Centre for Performance Programs.  They have just finished their first year with the University of Winnipeg Wesmen. 

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Suki Chhoeun is one of Manitoba's most active basketball coaches being heavily involved at the high school, club, university and provincial team programs all at once.  She is also the head coach of the Winnipeg Regional Training Centre program. 

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A major initiative is the Women to Watch Grant Program. Working
in partnership with Provincial Sport Organizations and Coaching
Manitoba, Sport Manitoba provides a monthly grant of $500 to a
female athlete, team, official or volunteer to assist them in
enhancing their women in sport career.

A $500 monthly grant is also awarded to a female coach to assist
them in further developing the skills necessary to attain a higher
level of coaching or increased level of coaching experience.

to Watch Application



More information on the program can be found at


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