Analyze This! is a Biomechanical Analysis Program designed to provide high performance coaches in Manitoba with the opportunity to access state of the art video recording equipment, software and computer programming.  There is an upcoming DARTFISH training seminar on Sunday October 18, 2009.  Interested coaches are encouraged to attend our 6 hour workshop where they will learn how to analyze athletes by inputting digital video footage into the DARTFISH Technology software and will then learn how to operate several of the analysis tools.  Space is limited, so register soon! COURSE FEE is $25.



DARTFISH Technology Software Workshop for Coaches


Sunday October 18, 2009

10:00am to 4:00pm

Conference Room 234
- Sport Manitoba Building, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Instruction topics will include:     DARTFISH Software analysis tools include:

•  Digital video filming techniques     •  Timing events (eg. batting swing)

•  Camera placement                      •  Measuring movements (eg. step length) 

•  Camera angles                            •  Measuring velocity of movements (eg. ball speed) 

•  Lighting                                      •  Drawing tools 

•  Use of tripods                             •  Video overlay (compare to professional athletes)
                                   •  StroMotion software (view frame-by-frame)

During the workshop, coaches will be given an opportunity to use the DARTFISH program and experiment with its many features and programs.  


For more information please contact Sheldon Reynolds at 925-5913 or




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