Basketball Manitoba today announced a radical move to the standard basket height that has been used in the sport of basketball for over 100 years.  Effective April 1, 2009, all basketball games in Manitoba normally played at the 10 foot level will now be played on 12 foot rims.  This change will come into effect immediately province wide.  

This change comes from extensive research on how the game is evolving at all levels.

Basketball Manitoba Executive Director Adam Wedlake commented, "The average height of players when the game was first invented in 1891 was considerably less than they are today.  This change was just inevitable and one we feel will be in the best interests of the game."

The research into making this change was conducted over the last year by the Winnipeg consulting firm Yad, Sloof and Lirpa.

All schools in Manitoba will be expected to make the change to the new basket heights come this September.
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