NBC Camps have announced that it will be offering a basketball day camp in Winnipeg on August 3-7 at Mennonite Brethren Collegiate for boys and girls ages 9-18.  NBC Camps provides sports and life-skills training for athletes ages 9 to 18. With 39 locations in four countries, NBC Camps is the largest, most popular basketball camp in the world! For almost 40 years, NBC Camps has been working to perfect the details most camps miss. NBC Camps is completely different from any camp on the market. We know what works. We know what changes games and changes lives. This has made NBC Camps one of the most successful camps in the world, having trained nearly 200,000 athletes.  For details on the Winnipeg camp...


NBC Camps
strives to provide superior athletic instructions, encouraging individuals to
train physically, mentally, and spiritually to maximize their potential
abilities.  NBC Camps works to provide
the best sports training while creating an atmosphere of encouragement, hard
work, respect and compassion. Our goal is to teach athletes to compete not only
physically, but with their hearts and minds.

We train
all year for our summer camps. It's what we dream about, plan, prepare and work
for all year long. Our full time job is to create a camp designed to help you
transform your game and your life. DVD training, hand selected coaches, and
stringent evaluations help us to become the very best. Compared with hundreds
of sports camps nationwide, NBC Camps has one of the highest rates of returning
campers and customer satisfaction ratings.

now for the ultimate basketball camp experience!


NBC Camp

Dates for 2009

Gender / Age


Basketball Day Camp

8:30am – 4:00pm

Aug 3 - 7

Boys & Girls

Ages 9-18

$ 225



MBCI, 180 Riverton Ave, Winnipeg, MB (map below)

: Angela Wiebe (Willerton) coachwiebe@hotmail.com

For more
: 1-800-406-3926 or   www.nbccamps.com

Discover the NBC
difference. Register today for Summer 2009.  



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