OTTAWA (CIS) - Canadian Interuniversity Sport has announced the
findings of its data collection on athletic scholarships provided by
Canadian universities during the course of the 2007-08 academic year. 
The data reveals that in ‘07-08 Canadian universities together provided
$8,527,861 in athletic scholarship money to CIS student-athletes. 
Additionally, student-athletes received in excess of $7 million in
other award categories from their universities (for academic
excellence, etc.).


“A common and outdated misconception is that athletic awards and scholarships are only available south of the border. In fact one in two CIS student-athletes receive financial support to pursue their athletics and academics in Canada,” says CIS Chief Executive Officer, Marg McGregor.

“Athletic Scholarships are a vital component in providing an outstanding educational and athletic experience for our student-athletes and are critical in the decision for our students to pursue their dreams in Canada,” adds CIS President, Dick White.

Last year over 2,000 of CIS’ 10,000 student-athletes earned Academic All-Canadian status by achieving an academic average of 80 percent or higher while competing for their universities, demonstrating the Canadian commitment to success in the classroom as well as the playing field.

The average undergraduate tuition in Canada (including compulsory fees) is $4,724, a fraction of the cost of tuition south of the border.

“When one considers the Canadian commitment to success in the classroom, the financial support provided to talented student-athletes, and the cost of tuition in Canada, the CIS is an attractive choice,” notes McGregor.

McGregor goes on to state “Above and beyond the dollars provided by universities, there is substantial additional scholarship money available for student-athletes who pursue their education in Canada from other sources such as Sport Canada, Swimming Canada, Canada Basketball, the Canadian Hockey League and many other organizations who recognize the value of staying in Canada for education and athletics.”

Universities provide athletic scholarships to student-athletes for a variety of reasons including:

  • to reward and recognize athletic excellence of students who are demonstrating progress towards furthering their education;

  • to provide financial support to student-athletes who may be unable to hold part-time jobs because of their athletic and academic commitments;

  • to recruit athletes, develop and sustain competitive teams, and to create incentives for Canadians with athletic and academic talent to remain in Canada.

From the perspective of a gender comparison, in 2007-08, 59 percent of athletic scholarship dollars went to male student-athletes, who represent 54% of all CIS student-athletes. 

Although athletic awards are provided in every CIS sport, the largest average value of an athletic scholarship to men was provided in basketball, hockey, and football. For women, the largest average athletic scholarships were provided in basketball, volleyball, and hockey.

The athletic scholarship data can be found at:

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