Manitoba is excited to announce a another new feature on the website which will
highlight and feature our sport's rich heritage!   The new 'Classic Games Collection' will feature a past televised
game at the university or high school level
and present it in it's entirety in a web streaming format. 
From provincial
championship finals to national championships to special games that
left lasting impressions on the basketball community, we will showcase
and publicly archive as many of these games as we can find! 
We introduce this new
feature this week with the complete 1976 CIAU Men's Championship game featuring the
Manitoba Bisons and the St. Mary's Huskies.  To view this game and to find out how you can help grow our collection...




For this basketball archive feature to work - we need your help!  If
you are in possession of a copy of a television produced (i.e. Shaw,
TSN, CBC, etc) basketball game featuring a Manitoba team at the
provincial or national championship level - we want to borrow it from
you!  We can convert that old dusty VCR
tape sitting in your basement to a digital version ready for the web! 
If you have some footage that predates the VCR, we can work to get it into this collection!  Even if you weren't participating in the game - send it in!  Videos in
VHS or digital (DVD, AVI, WMP, etc) format can be dropped off or mailed to
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We would like to thank the following people who have helped us build up our Classic Games Collection to date...

  • Jen How

  • Carey Lasuik

  • Ross Wedlake

  • Jerry Hemmings

  • Coleen Dufresne

  • Ian Hayes 

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