Longtime Winnipeg basketball coach Vic Pruden has put together a summary of what he sees as key items for a player to have.  This inventory lists the technical skills that are stepping stones to learning the array of technical skills related to one-on-one and team play.




A.       Physical
with a square and
staggared stance.


B.       Footwork
without the Ball

1. Pivoting                     2. Moving                        3. Changing direction                      4.Stopping

    est. a pivot foot                 striding                              initiating a push off                                stride

    reverse                            shuffling                             initiating a cross-over                           jump

    cross-over                       popping                                                                                        front

                                            changing pace

                                            stopping and going


C.       Ball

1. Ball/Hand relationship             2. Wrist passing                                    3. Wrist

    finger-tip control                              
one hand                                                 stationary

                                                            two hand                                                  moving

                                                            baseball                                                   dropping the ball


4. Catching the ball                                                      5. Shooting

    with two hands                                
                                 basic jump shot

    with one hand (block and tuck)                                         stride-stop lay up

                                                                                             front-stop lay up

                                                                                             cross-over lay ups (stride & front

                                                                                             front cross-over lay up


D.       Footwork
with the Ball

1. Advancing with a dribble         2. Changing  direction while dribbling              3. Ending a dribble

dribble                                   initiating a push-off                                                    stride stop

    stop and go                                      initiating a cross-over                                             
jump stop

    change of pace                                                                                                                 front 




E.       Jump

1. After receiving a pass                              2. After ending a
drive                          3. Advanced

    while statioinary                                               using
a front stop                      after a pop

    while ending a cut                                                                                                            after widening
the stance


F.       Lay-ups
and Cross-Overs

1. After ending a drive                                  2. After
ending a cut                             3.

step-in footwork                 

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