Basketball Manitoba is pleased to announce details on a new coaching support initiative that opens the doors to a number of basketball practices run in the province to other coaches to come and view.  The 'Open Practice Program' is a growing record of known basketball coaches in Manitoba who hold an open
invitation to other coaches in the province to attend their team practices.
If you are interested in viewing a basketball practice of one of these
coaches, please contact them directly to set up a time you can attend a
practice in the near future.  To view or be added to the list...


Please note that not all practices are
open. Those attending a practice are asked to introduce themselves to
the head coach and to be as discrete as possible and not disturb the
practice. Attending a practice is to be used for gathering new
teaching techniques only. It is not to be used for scouting,
recruiting or any other reason outside of the sharing of new drills and
information on running a successful and effective practice.

If you would like to open your practice to other basketball directly coaches on an ongoing basis, please complete the Open Practice Program Host Form to be added to the list.



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