Brandon University Bobcats and the Brandon Police
Services are partnering to work towards preventing bullying in Brandon
schools. November is Awareness & Bullying Month in the Brandon
School Division.  “Bobcats men's basketball player Adam Philpott is the BU
student-athlete leader of this program,” says Athletic Director Kirk De
Fazio.  “He has very high energy and his 30 Bobcats are keen to get
into the middle years Schools in Brandon and make a difference."


"The student-athlete group is called BAFA (Bobcat Athletes for Action)," adds DeFazio. “They are going to be excellent role models in the schools and work in collaboration with Constable Shanna Bird, School Resource Officer for the Brandon Police Service and the Brandon School Division, and make presentations to the children in middle school years starting during the week of November 10.” 

“Bullying has become a very serious problem in our society today," says Constable Bird. "Seven out of 10 children are affected by bullying at one time or another. I think that this program and others like it are extremely beneficial in creating awareness & prevention.”

The Brandon University Bobcats' partnership with the Brandon Police Services is modeled after a bullying program developed at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia.

The Bobcats Athletics program is also interested in bringing the program to schools outside of the Brandon city limits, into the Westman region that is the jurisdiction of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

School Principals and interested groups are encouraged to contact the BU Athletics office at (204) 727-7375 for additional information. There is no charge for any of these programs.

For more information on Bobcats Athletics, including rosters and up-to-date schedules, please go to:

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