The Carl Ridd Award annually recognizes one graduating male and one graduating female basketball player who excels on the basketball court, in the classroom and is heavily involved in the community. Basketball Manitoba will be recognizing this achievement with a $500.00 scholarship to a male and female recipient to be used towards a recognized post secondary institution the following year. All grade 12 basketball players in the province are welcome to apply including from the A, AA, AAA and AAAA levels.


Past Carl Ridd Award Recipients

1970Karl Hedlin
1971Jim Matthews
1972Andrea Pollock
1973Martin Riley
1974Brenda Lunsford
1975 Ralf Macek 
1976Ken Opalko
1977 Ron Hutsal 
Deb Dudar 
1978Gary Bulloch
Kelly Picken
1979 Bill Durnin 
Karen Ridd 
1980Ron Remple
Diana Quartel
1981 Tony Kaufman 

Cathy Sudietsky 
1982Mark Johannson
Carol Ploen
1983 Cathy Holtmann 
Kelly Chesney 
Glen Young 
1984Terry Lamoureaux
Cheryl McCombe
1985 Rob Janzen 
Heather Adam 
Letta Bulzer 
1986Steven McMillan
Carol Ellison
1987 Danny Ilchyna 
Shannon Larkins 
1988Greg Filmon
Arlyn Adam
1989 Eric Christianson 
Lorna Parent 
1990Erin Huck
Warren Nightingale
1991 Angie Adams 
Will Braun 
1992Victoria Neufeld 
Jon Hanec
1993 Terri Bercier 
Kyla Koskie 
Warren Dyck
1994Jana Taylor
Greg Froese
1995 Stephanie Dyck 
Keith Goetz 
1996Brad Unger
Gabi Macra
Carmen Hurd
1997Heather Wedlake
Kevin Friesen
1998David Barrett-Flatt
Andrea Wilkie
1999Anna Drewniak
Ryan Dulder
2000Pam Nowell
Matt Molitowsky
2001Philip Swart
Kate Daniels
2002Marvin Topacio
Yadili Okwumabua
2003Rose Tapia
Jamie Moses
2004Justin Rosing
Susanne Holatko
2005James McGill 
Ashley Morris
2006Eric Garcia

Kaitlyn Rempel
2007Riley Draward
Caity Purvis-Collins
2008Matt Dueck
Debbie Yeboah
2009 Cam Norrie
Alyssa Grant
2010Rheal Boileau
Stephanie Kleysen
2011 Quinn Robertson-Stovel 
Alex Warburton 
 2012Brett Jewell  
Kerri Kuzbyt 
 2013Sam Kinsley 
Christina Posthumus 
2014Ben Miller
Julia Schroeder
 2015William Kohler
Mackinley Scherger 
 2016James Wagner
Lana Mackic 
 2017Cole Penner
Tania Wallack 
 2018Tyson Jensen
Vanessa Lee
 2019Kyler Filewich 
Claire Signatovich
 2020Sam Jensen
Madan Frolek
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