First introduced in 2002 after consultation with all stakeholders in
the sport community, MAPS identified the highest priority initiatives
to address the opportunities and challenges facing the sport
environment at that time. As many of these initiatives have been
realized, they have become a part of Sport Manitoba’s ongoing core

MAPS has since been updated and approved by Sport Manitoba’s Board of Directors. This updated long-range plan outlines the priorities that Sport Manitoba intends to implement over the next five years to further achieve the goals and objectives of provincial and national sport policies - long-term initiatives that have been collaboratively developed by governments and their respective sport communities and serve to extend our work with our government partners and confirm our shared expectations.

MAPS accommodates new priorities and subsequent actions that may be required to achieve existing objectives within current programs and services. These priorities are strategic, focused and designed to enhance sport development at all levels in Manitoba.

MAPS is now available on the Sport Manitoba website at

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