The Coaching Association of Canada has developed a new method of granting coaches equivalency for Level 3 Theory while phasing in the new Competition-Development Multi-Sport Modules.  Coaching Manitoba will initially pilot these new Competition Development modules FOR FREE throughout February and March.


As the Coaching Association of Canada continues its transition to
the New NCCP Model, Level 3 certification will become Competition
Development. Much like the Level 3 program, Competition Development
will include Multi Sport Modules (theory) and Sport Specific modules
(technical & practical). Coaching Manitoba will no longer offer the
Level 3 Theory course but will implement a new and improved program
providing coaches with Level 3 theory equivalency and Competition
Development certification.

To get certification in this new program, coaches will need to
complete Making Ethical Decision and Design a Sport Program modules AND
any 4 of the 6 Competition Development Multi-Sport modules listed below.

Make Ethical Decisions


4 of these 6

Developing Athletic Abilities
Design a Basic Sport Program Prevention and Recovery

If a coach has completed these modules previously for another context
or as equivalency for Theory 1&2 they do NOT need to re-do these
Coaching and Leading Effectively
Psychology of Performance
Managing Conflict
Doping Prevention

For more information or to register please contact Tom at 925-5913 or

Goal: To ensure it continues to be possible for
coaches attempting to complete their Level 3 certification in the old
NCCP to do so while the Competition – Development multi-sport modules
are piloted and once they are implemented and Theory 3 is discontinued.

Rationale: Two core components of the Theory 3
course were annual planning and coaching ethics. Make Ethical Decisions
and Design a Basic Sport Program, modules currently associated with the
Competition – Introduction and Instruction – Beginners contexts, are
also required for the Competition – Development context and adequately
cover these two core ability areas from Theory 3. Availability of both
modules is extremely high as Make Ethical Decisions is available across
the country as a stand-alone module, and the online evaluation is
available to all coaches at no cost, and Design a Basic Sport Program
is currently available in both workshop delivery and Home Study
delivery and is becoming available in a stand-alone elearning format
before the end of the 07-08 fiscal year.

Providing coaches with the option to choose 4 out of the 6 modules
listed will enable them to choose modules that are most available to
them either according to the schedule of their delivery or according to
availability of Learning Facilitators in rural locations. It will also
allow coaches to select the 4 modules which they feel will be most
beneficial to them based upon their current coaching situation and

The automated trigger of Theory 3 equivalency can be tracked and reflected in the NCCP Database.

Implementation period:

  • Start Date - December 1, 2007.

  • End Date - Theory 3 equivalency will cease to be provided to coaches April 1, 2012.

NCCP Operational Standard: Coaches who have
completed training in Design a Basic Sport Program, Make Ethical
Decisions (training or evaluation) and any 4 of the 6 multi-sport
modules will be automatically credited in the NCCP Database, upon
receipt of all NCCP registration forms, with Theory 3 equivalency.

The Coaching Association of Canada will not grant equivalency for
NCCP Introduction to Competition A or Introduction to Competition B

Equivalency will only be granted for the Old NCCP Theory 1 and Theory 2 if the following requirements are met:

Theory 1 Equivalency

  • Coaches have graduated from the University of Winnipeg or
    University of Manitoba with a Physical Education degree and completed
    one of two courses; “Principles of Coaching” or “Theory of Coaching”,
    prior to March 31, 2004.


  • Coaches received their degree prior to March 31, 2004.

Theory 2 Equivalency

  • Coaches have graduated from the University of Winnipeg or
    University of Manitoba with a Masters Degree in Physical Education and
    completed one of two courses; “Principles of Coaching” or “Theory of
    Coaching”, prior to March 31, 2004.


  • Coaches received their degree prior to March 31, 2004.

To apply for equivalency please complete and mail the application
form to our office, along with a copy of your University transcript.

PDF FormatNCCP Equivalency Application Form (34 KB)

NOTE: Once a sport has fully integrated the new program into their
system, coaches will be able to go right to the certification process
of being evaluated without taking the Introduction to Competition Part
A and B courses if they feel they are qualified to do so.

Information on what stage your sport is at in the transition process can be found at the Coaches Association of Canada Website.

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