The Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and
Physical Activity, CAAWS, wants to recognize women who have made a
significant impact this year in sports and physical activity.  CAAWS is
seeking your input for its 2007 Most Influential Women List, which will
be announced in January 2008.  Nominate your choice for the 2007 list if she is a powerful woman who
is influencing sport and physical activity in this country. She may
be:  an athlete who has achieved national or international recognition;
or an executive who has led an organization with a clear, defined
vision;  perhaps she is a volunteer who has donated countless hours to
coaching or organizing; or someone in the print or broadcast media who
influences coverage of girls/women in sport and physical activity?

The CAAWS 2007 Most Influential Women List will reflect activity in 2007.  Women previously named to the list may be nominated again. All nominations will be reviewed by a panel established by CAAWS to develop the final list of the most influential women in Sport and Physical Activity for 2007. 

 Nominations should include:

1.      Name of nominee

2.      An explanation of why she is an influential woman

3.      Brief summary of 2007 accomplishments

4.      Contact information for the nominee

5.      Contact information from the person making the nomination

Deadline for nominations is Friday, November 30, 2007. 

Nominate your influential woman online at

or by fax to: 613-562-5668.



Barb MacDonald

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