Thanks to the 125+ people who attended the FIBA Education Sessions hosted by Basketball Manitoba last week in Winnipeg and Brandon.  The sessions focused on why the change to the international rules were made and details on the actual changes that players, coaches and referees will see this season.  Thanks to Cam Moskal, Kirby Schepp, Rick Degagne and Grant Coulter for presenting at the sessions and for the support of the WMBA and MHSAA in making the evenings possible!  For those unable to attend the sessions - or for those who did and want copies of the materials that were presented...


The following 3 files were used at the sessions on November 7 in Winnipeg and Brandon.  All 3 are 'PowerPoint' presentations which require Microsoft PowerPoint installed on your computer.  Get the PowerPoint viewer installed on your computer if you cannot view these files.  A PDF version of each file has also been provided as an alternative. 




The 'Why FIBA Rules?' presentation from Mike MacKay at Canada Basketball. 


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Why FIBA Rules? Presentation (PDF)


The MABO / FIBA Rules Presentation detailing the key highlights and differences in the international rule system. 

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MABO / FIBA Rules Presentation (PDF)



The FIBA Rules Impact on Coaching presentation by Basketball Manitoba's High Performance Coach, Kirby Schepp.

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FIBA Rules Impact on Coaching Presentation (PDF)



FIBA Guidelines for Officials Videos

Basketball Manitoba is pleased to release another FIBA produced video on its website!  FIBA Guidelines for Officials is an in depth look at the game of basketball from a rules perspective and addresses topics such as the shot clock, act of shooting, Charging and Blocking, Free Throw violations, goal tending and Basket interference, post play, rebounds, traveling, screening and technical and unsportsmanlike fouls. The full 2 hour production is available to view for free for all Basketball Manitoba web members...




For more on the transiton to FIBA Rules, including rules videos, rulebooks, scoresheets, court markings, rule differences, coaching resources and more, check out the ...


FIBA Education Centre


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