Healthy Living Minister Kerri Irvin-Ross today announced that 17 Manitobans will champion the Manitoba in motion program throughout the province and encourage Manitobans to get active every day.  "Even 30 minutes of physical activity a day can really benefit our overall health by increasing energy levels, reducing stress and strengthening our bodies," said Irvin-Ross.  "We are thrilled that so many accomplished Manitobans have joined us to support Manitoba in motion and promote the importance of physical activity across the province."  The new Manitoba in motion champions represent a number of different sports and activities and include representatives from around the province - including from basketball, Amy Ogidan...

  • Amy Ogidan, University of Winnipeg basketball player;

  • Jennifer Botterill, Olympic hockey athlete;

  • Clara Hughes, Olympic speed skating and cycling athlete;

  • Sami Jo Small, Olympic hockey athlete;

  • Leah Hextall, CTV sports broadcaster;

  • David Daley, adventure tour guide, musher and business owner;

  • Clifford Grieves, Oxford House long-distance runner and paddler;

  • Fairwind Truscott, Royal Winnipeg Ballet School dancer;

  • Lindsay Onsowich, Special Olympic snowshoe, cross-country skiing and athletics athlete;

  • Jared Funk, wheelchair rugby player;

  • Jaring Timmerman, senior swimmer;

  • Jackson Beardy, hoop dancer;

  • Kathleen Leathers, Prairie Pathfinders hiking and trails enthusiast;

  • Doris Jones, archer and winner of two gold medals at the 2007 Canada Winter Games;

  • Dan Vandal, Winnipeg city councillor and former professional boxer;

  • Doug Brown, Winnipeg Blue Bomber defensive tackle; and

  • Ace Burpee, healthy living enthusiast.

Irvin-Ross also announced the province will provide $118,000 to fund 46 new community grants to assist communities across the province support and promote physical activity.  To date, more than $515,000 has been provided toward 204 Manitoba in motion grants. "It's important for communities to develop and expand services that encourage their residents to get active and try something new," said Irvin-Ross.  "These new Manitoba in motion grants will help promote and provide more access to physical activity."

The minister also invited Manitobans to celebrate the second anniversary of Manitoba in motion by taking part in the Canada-wide World Record Walk that encourages every Canadian to walk a kilometre at precisely the same moment everywhere in the country.  The walk will take place at 11:30 a.m. on Oct. 3. "We want Manitobans to celebrate some of the long-term positive changes in healthy behaviour that we've been making here in Manitoba," she added.  "I want to encourage all Manitobans to take part and help Manitoba lead the way to good health."

In addition, since the launch of Moving Around Manitoba this spring, more than 4,000 Manitobans have gotten in motion and are tracking their physical activity online. Together they have covered 146,000 kilometres which would take them around Manitoba more than 36 times.

More information on Manitoba in motion and a full list of the most recent grants is available at

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