The Junior Bison Boys and Girls Programs have released details on their upcoming team tryouts for the 2007-08 season. Details on the programs include...


Junior Bison Girls Program 

Please be advised that information regarding the Jr. Bison Fall/Winter program can be found on our web site at Just click on programs under the "Home" heading near the top of the page.

We will also be hosting an information session Thursday Sept 6 at 6:15pm at the IGAC on the third floor. During that time, we will be holding an ID camp for new players who have not been part of our program in the past. The ID camp will run from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm. This is not required to be part of our program, nor is it a tryout. It is simply to identify new players who have not been part of or program in the past and to give them an opportunity to meet some of our coaches.

If you have questions, please email us at



(Listed as grade, coach and contact info)


Grade 6 - Dan Neufeld, 253-6690

Sat. Sept 15th 12 noon to 200p.m. -SJR

Sun. Sept. 16th 12 noon to 200 p.m. –SJR

Grade 7 – Frank Rosenfelt,

Fri. Sept. 7th 8-930 p.m – IGAC

Sat. Sept. 8th 2-400 p.m. – IGAC

Grade 8 – Paul Kochan, 488-3590

Fri. Sept. 7th 6-800 p.m – IGAC

Sat. Sept. 8th 2-400 p.m. – IGAC

Grade 9 – Don Lamont, 783-8140

Sat. Sept.22nd 12 noon to 200 p.m – SJR

Sun. Sept. 23rd 2 - 400p.m - GAC

Grade 10 – Ted Fardoe, 889-7213

Sat. Sept. 22nd 2-400p.m. – SJR

Sun. Sept. 23rd 2-400 p.m. – IGAC

Grade 11 / 12 - Bryan Gray, 487-3441

Sat. Sept. 29th 7-900 p.m. –SJR

Sun. Sept 30th 12-200 p.m. - IGAC

  • SJR  =  St.  John's Ravenscourt

  • IGAC  =   Investors Group Athletic center 


  • Camp fee is $10.00 (payable at the door)

  • Please bring your own basketball.

  • You can also see our website via

If you require further info feel free to contact the respective coach or Ted Fardoe at

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