The City of Winnipeg Parks and Rec department held their annual 3 on 3 basketball tournament at General Wolfe School on Thursday July 26.  The tournament drew over 60 teams to the event.  The winning teams were...

In the 10-14 age group the Southside Ballers defeated the MERC. Proteges by

a score of 11-4.  The 15-18 age group had the "Unknowns" defeating "OGD" 11-10 in what was a great game. Each team came from very different areas of the city so it was great to see different ballers compete. Southside was from our Bairdmore location and MERC was from one of of our core locations. The "unknowns" came from Salisbury Morse place and OGD came from my own site at General Wolf.


3 on 3 Winners


Thanks to all the sponsors and supporters! 

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