Canada Basketball is seeking applications for the position of Women's NEDA Apprentice Coach.  The National Elite Development Academy (NEDA) is a national training centre program that brings together 12 of the top development athletes, aged 15 – 18 years old from across Canada to train in a central location and under the national team program strategies through the academic year (September to June). During this time period, student-athletes will reside with billet families and attend local area high schools. The program is based upon the matching of an
apprentice coach with Canada Basketball’s National Elite Development
Academy (NEDA) program which is operated out of Hamilton, Ontario
starting in September 2007 for the women’s NEDA program.

September 2007-June 2008

NEDA Apprentice Coach Program Description

The NEDA Apprentice Coach Program is based upon the matching of an apprentice coach with Canada Basketball’s National Elite Development Academy (NEDA) program which is operated out of Hamilton, Ontario starting in September 2007 for the women’s NEDA program.  

The NEDA program is a key component of Canada Basketball’s Elite Performance Program (EPP) ‘Pathway to Excellence’.  The EPP consists of: Regional Training Centers (RTC); Centers for Performance (CP); Provincial Sport Schools (PSS); the National Elite Development Academy (NEDA) and multiple levels of national team (NT) programs (cadet, junior, development and senior).

The NEDA program brings together 12 junior-aged athletes (grade 11 and 12) from across the country to train in a centralized location at McMaster University on a full-time basis while attending one of the three partner high schools in the area.  

Each year a new candidate will be selected for this NEDA apprentice program opportunity.

Duration of the NEDA Apprentice Coach Program and Required Commitment:

The NEDA Apprentice Coach Program will be operated on a yearly basis during the high school academic school year, from the beginning of September to the end of June.  

Involvement will require a full-time commitment from the selected candidate as the NEDA Apprentice Coach Program will consist of:

1.    Attendance at daily NEDA basketball practice from 7:30 – 9:15 a.m.;

2.    Attendance at daily NEDA individual training and/or physical training sessions after school/evenings;

3.    Attendance at NEDA competitions as per confirmed game schedule (week nights, weekends);

4.    Completion of NCI-ON Level 4 NCCP (theory tasks) course work and assignments;

5.    Completion of Canada Basketball Level 4 NCCP (sport specific tasks) practical work and sport specific assignments;

6.    Assignment of administrative and/or logistical tasks within the NEDA program;

7.    Other NEDA program responsibilities and duties as agreed to in the apprentice coach’s Individual Learning Plan.

Reporting Structure

The women’s NEDA Apprentice Coach will report directly to the Manager, Women’s Elite Performance and will be required to sign an agreement with Canada Basketball for the duration of their apprentice program.   

The NEDA Apprentice coach will work directly with the NEDA Head Coach for day-to-day basketball development activities while in Hamilton.  Specific roles, responsibilities and communication will be included in the NEDA Apprentice Coach Agreement.

Individual Learning Plan

The NEDA Head Coach, apprentice coach and if applicable a mentor coach (a national coach; a mentor coach who has a formal link to Canada Basketball’s Elite Performance Program), in consultation with the Manager, Elite Performance, will determine the role and responsibilities the NEDA apprentice coach will play with the NEDA Program.   

The NEDA Apprenticeship Coach Program will be structured to meet the needs of each coach selected to the program and to enable an experience that will benefit the candidate and Canada Basketball’s NEDA, Elite Performance and also contribute to some extent to the Coaching Education and Development Programs (CEDP). This will be accomplished through the implementation of an approved personalized one-year Individual Learning Plan (ILP) developed by the NEDA Head Coach, NEDA apprentice coach and if applicable a mentor coach, and approved by the Manager Elite Performance.  

The opportunity to link with coaches in other sports will be provided through participation in the NCI-ON program and other specific workshops organized by the NCI-ON and/or CAO (Coaches Association of Ontario).

Financial Assistance:

Canada Basketball will provide the following to the selected candidate for the NEDA program year:

•    $5,000 honorarium for the period between September 1, 2007 and June 30, 2008;

•    Other expenses will be covered for planned and approved NEDA activities including: travel, meals, and accommodation for the apprentice coach to attend NEDA approved out-of-town and out-of-country games/tournaments;

•    Sponsor apparel and footwear package.

Candidates are responsible for researching and applying for other forms of professional development funding through various local, provincial and/or national organizations.  CB will provide letters of support as required in the application process in order to assist the candidate in their search.  Example of existing PD grant: Coaching Association of Canada’s Women in Coaching Professional Development Funding Grants (

Candidate Eligibility

•    Canadian coaches with a minimum NCCP Level 3 certification (validation of certification level is the responsibility of the applicant);

•    Endorsement by the Canada Basketball’s Coaching Education and Development Program into the Level 4 NCCP program.   Contact Mike McKay, Manager Coaching Education and Development at to receive NSF letter of endorsement;

•    Acceptance by the NCI-Ontario into their NCI Level 4 Diploma Program.  Complete all application requirements by contacting: Joan McDonald, Coach Services National Coaching Institute Ontario, 606A - 1185 Eglinton Avenue East, Toronto, ON  M3C 3C6, Phone 416-426-7290  Fax 416-426-7254 and;

•    Have successfully completed a police reference check at their local police and provide proof of such to Canada Basketball with application;

•    Meet the time requirements, commitment and demands of the NEDA Program Apprentice Coach Program, including the work with the NEDA program and completing Level 4 NCCP requirements.

Level 4 / 5 National Coaching Certification

General Level 4/5 NCCP Information:

Completion of 12 tasks is required for Level 4 certification which must include Task # 12 and Task # 9 and completion of all 20 tasks is required for Level 5 certification.  

The requirements for the sport specific technical tasks are defined by each sport (#3, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, and 20).  The theory tasks (#1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 12, 16, 17, 18, and 19) can be taken through the National Coaching Institute.

1.    Energy Systems

2.    Strength and Conditioning

3.    Performance Factors

4.    Nutrition – Susie Langley

5.    Environmental Factors

6.    Recovery and Regeneration

7.    Psychological Preparation for Coaches

8.    Psychological Preparation for Athletes

9.    Sport Specific – Skill Training

10.    Biomechanics

11.    Sport Specific – Strategy and Tactics

12.    Planning and Periodization

13.    Analyzing Performance Factors

14.    Practical Coaching – Training Camps

15.    Practical Coaching – Competitive Tour

16.    Athlete Long Term Development

17.    Leadership

18.    The Business of Coaching

19.    Canadian Sport systems

20.    National Team Program

NEDA Program Level 4/5 NCCP Information:

For the NEDA Apprentice Program, the required tasks to complete the Level 4 NCCP will be the following: sport specific technical tasks (#3, 9, 10, 11, and 13) and the theory tasks (#1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 12, and 16).  

The NEDA Apprentice Coach Program will consist of the selected NEDA apprentice coach registering and completing their Level 4 NCCP through the NCI-Ontario Diploma Program.  The cost to register in the NCI-ON Diploma program is $1500.00   To register, please contact Joan McDonald, Coach Services National Coaching Institute Ontario, 606A - 1185 Eglinton Avenue East, Toronto, ON  M3C 3C6, Phone 416-426-7290  Fax 416-426-7254 and

Application Process

Interested candidates are required to submit a written proposal for review by Canada Basketball’s NEDA Apprentice Coach Review Committee, which must include:

Candidate’s Application Responsibility

•    Cover letter which includes as a minimum: 1) why they are applying for the NEDA Apprentice Coach Program; 2) what their career objectives are and means to accomplish these; 3) where they see themselves in 5 years; 4) how they plan to use the knowledge they gain in the NEDA program; and 5) an indication of the means by which information and experience gained will be shared and communicated with other coaches within their sport to develop legacy in the Canadian basketball system;

•    Curriculum vitae, including information pertaining to coaching certification, coach education, and experience as a coach.  Include past experience in basketball as a player, coach and volunteer, etc.;  

•    Provide references who can speak on behalf of the candidate’s coaching experience, abilities and competencies;

•    Proof of police reference check;

•    Photocopy of NCCP certification card confirming Level 3 NCCP or supply their CC#;

•    Confirmation of application to NCI-ON Level 4 NCCP.

National Coaching Institute (NCI-Ontario) Responsibility:

•    Review and approve NEDA apprentice coach for participation in Level 4 NCCP

CB’s Application Responsibility:

•    Letter of endorsement for Level 4 NCCP eligible candidate;

•    Review of the applications and selection of the candidate to be recommended for the program;

NEDA Apprentice Coach Application Submission

Applications must be submitted to:

Canada Basketball

Attention: Denise Dignard

11-1 Westside Drive

Toronto, ON M9C 1B2

Tel.: (416) 614-8037 ext 204

Fax: (416)614-9570

Deadline: All applications must be received on or before Wednesday,

August 1st, 2007 at 12:00 p.m. EST.

Canada Basketball thanks all applicants for their interest; however only the candidate selected will be contacted.

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