A grassroots project to provide basketballs for kids in the inner-city is starting up for its second summer. Run totally by volunteers, the project distributed over 150 balls last year and is hoping to significantly exceed that number this year.  If you have any used basketballs in good condition, or would like to buy one or more inexpensive balls (under $10), please contact us at the location below. If you're a club convenor or coach, we'd like to encourage you to publicize this among your teams and if possible collect balls in your communities for our project.  We'll also take cash donations to buy balls, as well as netting and paint for some of the hoops in the inner-city.

Basketball HoopWe're also looking for volunteers who might like to help provide
informal mentoring at various playgrounds through the summer, or help
fix up some of the courts (eg add nets, paint lines, etc.). If you're
interested please get in touch.

Thanks for your help !



To help our or support this fantastic initiative, please contact:

  Dennis Bayomi

  E-mail: Dennis_Bayomi@umanitoba.ca

  Phone: 789-3667 (W) or 888-6336 (H)

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