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    May 9, 2007

    Manitoba Moves to FIBA Rules for 2007-08

    Basketball Manitoba, the Winnipeg Minor Basketball Association and the Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association jointly announced today that all levels of basketball played in the province will move to the FIBA, or international rule system effective the 2007-08 season.  This move affects all levels of basketball, including...
    • MHSAA High School (Varsity & Junior Varsity)
    • Junior High / Middle School
    • Basketball Manitoba Club Championships
    • Basketball Manitoba Junior High Invitational Tournament (JHIT)
    • WMBA Community Club Leagues
    • WMBA Rising Stars League
    • Labatt Super Men's Senior League
    • Winnipeg Athletic Association for Youth
    • Lipenos Basketball League
    These levels join the Manitoba Provincial Team Program, Winnipeg Senior Women's Basketball League, CIS Women and CIS Men that have been playing under this system or have already announced this change to the new rule system.

    The key rule differences between the NCAA rule system (presently followed by most levels of the game in the province) vs. the FIBA game are detailed in the chart below.  Highlights include...
    • 8 second back court count (vs. 10 seconds)
    • 24-second shot clock for levels which use a shot clock (vs. 30 seconds)
    • games played under 4 quarters (vs. 2 halves)
    • a wider key  (19.69 feet wide at the baseline vs. 12 feet) - illustration below
    • further 3-point line (20.5 feet vs. 19 feet 9 inches)
    • 5 timeouts per team (2 full in first half; 3 in second half with no carry over) per game to be called at next stop in play (vs. 4 full and 2 - 30 sec timeouts called at anytime) 
    • 2 shot free throws ('double bonus') on the 5th team foul per quarter (vs. 7 single bonus and 10 on the double bonus per half)
    • timeouts to be requested through the score table and granted at the next stoppage in play (vs. on the fly)
    • More details below...  
    The plan is for the games played at the Varsity level (grade 11-12) to run with 4 - 10 minute quarters with all levels younger playing 4 - 8 minute quarters.  Teams in the WMBA Community Club leagues will continue the 25 minute first half, 22 min second half running time scenario as is currently run in the community club leagues.  Teams in the WMBA Rising Stars League will run with the FIBA rules as the high school leagues will follow.  Junior High / Middle School leagues will follow the 4 - 8 minute quarter scenario.  Other leagues may also be slightly modifying game times / half times to fit their needs, but the actual on court rules will follow the FIBA model.  Details on such administrative modifications will be announced in the coming months.

    Highlights of the key differences include... 




    Game Times

    4 - 10 minute quarters 2 - 20 minute halves
    Bonus is on the 5th team foul
    per quarter
    Bonus is on 7th team foul per
    Substitution Substitution
    Same during playing time. During free throws -
    substitution can be 
    During free throws -
    substitution must be  
    made before the last free throw
    made before the ball is
    given to the free 
    thrower for the first free
    Time Outs Time Outs
    2 full in the first half and
    3 full in second
    4 full + 2 (30) called anytime. 
    No carry overs. Can be called by a player or coach
    Requested by coach at the scorer table  in control of ball or any dead ball.
    and granted at the
    next stoppage of play or if 
    scored upon.
    Bonus Bonus
    Double bonus (2 shots) on the 5th team
    foul per quarter
    One and one on the 7th team foul per
    Double bonus (2 shots) on the 10th
    team foul per half.
    Free Throw Violations Free Throw Violations
    By either team (excluding the
    shooter) are ignored if
    If offense violates it is called
    the free throw is successful. and no point can be scored.
    Blocked Shot Blocked Shot
    Player returning to the floor Player returning to the floor etc - held ball
    without losing control of the
    ball - travel
    5 Second
    5 Second Count
    On a player holding the ball
    anywhere on the court.
    5 sec. count on a player holding or
    the ball in the front court.
    Halfcourt Count
    8 seconds
    to advance the ball into the front
    10 seconds to advance ball.  You get a new
    court.  You do not get a new count if the ball  count for all stoppages in play.
    is knocked out of bounds.
    Shot Clock (if used)

    Shot Clock (if used)

    24 seconds 30 seconds
    Back Over
    Back Over Center
    Once you touch
    front court, you are in front court. 
    Must have 3 points (feet
    and ball) before 
    Includes throw in.  If you are in front court you you are in front court.
    cannot throw the ball back
    over center.
    Throw in can be thrown
    anywhere in the 
    court including back court.
    Basket Interference
    The ball gets one chance to
    Neither team can touch the
    ball in the 
    Once it rebounds of the rim,
    it may be touched by either team.
    Technical Fouls Technical Fouls
    2 shots and possession of the
    ball at centre court
    2 shots and play resumes at the point

    Another significant change to the FIBA game sees a change to the actual lines on the court.  The changes include both the width and style of the free throw lane (from 12 feet wide at the baseline to 19.69 feet) and the distance of the 3-point line (from the current 19 feet 9 inches from the hoop to 20 feet 6 inches).  The shape of the  key itself will move from a rectangle shape to that of a 'trapezoid'.

    There will be a gradual change to the new court markings in the schools over the coming years to adjust to these changes.  Below are two illustrations of the new and old court.


    FIBA Full Court - Click to view full specs


    NCAA Full Court
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