Coaching Manitoba has announced that Silver Heights basketball coach Kirby Schepp has been named its 2007 recipient of the 'School System Coach of the Year' as part of the Coaching Manitoba Excellence Awards that were presented on Saturday April 14.  Kirby has been a long time coach in the school system and with Basketball Manitoba's Provincial Team Program, Centre for Performance Program and is an active NCCP Basketball Course Conductor.  Other basketball people that were recognized at the event included...

30+ Year Service Awards

  • Karla Gould - Winnipeg

  • Irv Hanec - Winnipeg

  • Randy Kusano - Winnipeg

  • Ann Sisler - Pinawa

  • Robert Stanners - Winnipeg

  • Duane Whyte - Swan River

Kirby Schepp

   Kirby Schepp

Basketball Manitoba congratulates Kirby and the Service Award winners on their outstanding contributions to basketball in Manitoba!


Coaching Manitoba is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2007 Coaching Manitoba Excellence Awards. Presentation of the awards took place on Saturday, April 14, 2007 at the Hilton Suites Winnipeg Airport. The awards recognize a history of commitment and dedication to coaching in Manitoba.  Nominations were accepted in the following categories: School System, Grassroots, Developmental, and High Performance.  Coaching Manitoba also honoured individuals who have been coaching a minimum of 30 years in the Years of Service category, coaches who have participated at an International Event in 2006 as well as, Learning Facilitators who have reached milestones in educating Manitoba coaches.   The Manitoba Aboriginal Sport and Recreation Council also acknowledged a recipient for the 2006 Manitoba Aboriginal Coaching Awards.

  • Kirby Schepp - Silver Heights Collegiate – Basketball - Winnipeg

  • Peter Dick Award – School System Category

With a Master’s degree in Coaching, Kirby Schepp has coached varsity basketball at Silver Heights Collegiate for the past 12 years. 

As a teacher coach, Kirby sacrifices many personal hours for the development of the game and its athletes – on and off the court; he genuinely cares about his student-athletes’ performance, both athletically and academically.

Respecting the game, its players, officials, other coaches, parents, and administrators is important for Kirby and as a result, values of honesty, commitment, hard work, and self-sacrifice define the culture of Kirby’s teams.

  • Gregory Chan – Multi-Sport - Winnipeg

  • Vince Leah Memorial Award – Grassroots Category

Coaching is a passion for Gregory Chan, evident by his involvement over the past ten years as a coach in a variety of grassroots sports.  Gregory values the importance of coach education, which has led to him to achieve certification as a NCCP Level One coach in track and field and tennis, and a Level Two certified coach in badminton, basketball, table tennis, volleyball, and youth soccer.

Because Gregory realizes the positive impact of sport he encourages his athletes to play a variety of sports.  He believes socialization and enjoyment are key when coaching young individuals, evident by his emphasis on the FUNdamentals of sport.

  • Gordon Stewart – Special Olympics - Winnipeg

  • Dr. Jack Hunt Memorial Award - Developmental Category

Gordon Stewart has been coaching with Special Olympics Manitoba for 26 years and continues to be a driving force within the organization.

As head coach of the East Kildonan Y Men’s Sharks Swim Club, Gord is constantly encouraging his swimmers to improve both in and out of the pool.  As a result, his athletes have all demonstrated improvement in their swim times and many have gone on to be successful at the Provincial, National, and International levels.  Not only have Gord’s athletes advanced under his guidance, Gord has also achieved a personal goal of being selected as assistant coach on the Special Olympics Canada Swim team.

  • Trevor Borland – Squash – Winnipeg 

  • Peter Williamson Memorial Award – High Performance Category

Trevor Borland has been coaching squash for fourteen years and is truly a professional coach. 

Currently ranked the number one Squash athlete in Manitoba has in turn, positively impacted Trevor’s coaching. 

Exemplifying fair play, Trevor and his athletes respect the game, the officials, and the other athletes.  Not only does Trevor have strong relationships with Manitoba players, he is also admired on the national scene.

Trevor’s coaching career has taken him to both National and International events, including the Scottish and British Open as well as, to the World Juniors held in New Zealand.  Most recently his athletes competed at the Canada Winter Games.

Manitoba Aboriginal Coaching Awards

  • Omar Constant – Archery - Opaskwayak Cree Nation

Throughout his 6 years of coaching, Omar has built the, now year long, Archery Program at OCN from the ground up with participant memberships now ranging from 7 year olds to adults.  Additionally, Omar is actively involved as a competitor and trainer for young people in the local community’s traditional winter and summer festivals.  In 2006, Omar coached the Archery team that attended the 2006 North American Indigenous Games in Denver, Colorado.  Omar was very inspirational to the athletes; he reminded them of where they came from, why they were going to Denver, and that they are representing the Aboriginal community of Manitoba, which in itself is an honour. 

Years of Service Coach Recognition

  • Karla Gould - Basketball

  • Ann Sisler - MHSAA (Manitoba High School Athletic Association)

  • Terry Braun - MHSAA (Manitoba High School Athletic Association)

  • Lew Taylor - MHSAA (Manitoba High School Athletic Association)

  • George Tanner - Athletics

  • Barb Heaps- Gymnastics

  • Elfriede Goermann - Gymnastics

  • Lorie Henderson – Gymnastics

  • Lucien Casagrande - TenPin Bowling

  • Ats Odaguchi - TenPin Bowling

  • Michael Boroskae- TenPin Bowling

  • Irv Hanec- MHSAA (Manitoba High School Athletic Association)

  • Evan G. Jones - MHSAA (Manitoba High School Athletic Association)

  • Rick Hudson - MHSAA (Manitoba High School Athletic Association)

  • Duane Whyte - MHSAA (Manitoba High School Athletic Association)

  • Jerry Marr - Karate

  • Pritpal Chawla - Badminton

  • Alex Mowat - Curling

  • Roy and Evelyne Holenski - Softball

  • Vicki Smith - MHSAA (Manitoba High School Athletic Association)

  • Gord Poulton - MHSAA (Manitoba High School Athletic Association)

  • Betty-Ann McPhedran - Equestrian

  • Roger Bamburak - MHSAA (Manitoba High School Athletic Association)

  • Randy Kusano - Basketball

  • Lloyd Urbanowski - Football

  • Robert Stanners – MHSAA (Manitoba High School Athletic Association)

  • Ted Jeninga – MHSAA (Manitoba High School Athletic Association)

  • Rae Leaden- – MHSAA (Manitoba High School Athletic Association)

  • Gord Nixon – MHSAA (Manitoba High School Athletic Association)

  • Glenn Perrin - MHSAA (Manitoba High School Athletic Association)

  • Mike Totte - MHSAA (Manitoba High School Athletic Association)

  • Blair Schapansky - Football

  • Gene Turk – Squash

International Coach Recognition

  • Ron Brown – Racquetball

  • Kylo Harris, Sandra Delaronde, Melissa Morrisseau, Edward Kidd - Manitoba Aboriginal Sport and Recreation (Soccer)

  • Trevor Borland – Squash

  • Kerrie Ducharme – TenPin Bowling

  • Natalia Rybak – Rhythmic Gymnastics

  • Zdravka Tchonkova – Rhythmic Gymnastics

  • Shari Hebert – Rhythmic Gymnastics

  • Reg Bruno – Boxing

  • Karen Styrchak and Chuck McDiarmid – Rowing

  • Kristin Macaraeg – Baton Twirling

  • Mark Berger – Judo

  • Colin Yeung – Disc Sport

  • Derek Ingram – Golf

  • Iaroslav Khomiak – Biathlon

  • Lucien Casagrande – TenPin Bowling

  • Don McKenzie – Karate

  • Lorie Henderson – Gymnastics

  • Bill Johnson – Wheelchair Basketball

  • Gene Turk – Squash

  • Bruce Pirnie, Rob Guy, Diana Stevens, Claude Berube, Mingpu Wu - Athletics

  • Ron Porath - Karate

  • Ayach Bounachada – Fencing

  • Brian Yon, Sandy Donald and Scott Harland– Rugby

  • Glenn Hoag, Chris Green, Larry McKay, Owen Nishi – Team Canada Volleyball

  • Naoki Miyashita and Phil Hudson – Team Canada Women’s Volleyball

  • Russ Paddock and Grant Wilson – Youth Men’s National Volleyball

  • Jim Lambie – Diving

  • Bob Lawrie – Alpine Ski

  • George Damianov – Table Tennis

  • Ronald Marohn and Alan Park – Broomball

  • Gary Pallet – Duathlon

  • Genarro Macchia and Costa Cholakis – Bandy

Learning Facilitator Recognition

  • Nancy Stanley – 30 years

  • Doug Krochak – 25 years

  • Sheldon Reynolds – 5 years

  • Liz Kozoriz – 5 years


For more information contact:

Sandy Janzen

Coach Development & Recognition Coordinator

Coaching Manitoba

(w) 925-5692 or 1-888-887-7307

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