SportVision Inc. has released on its new website details on its upcoming slate of basketball camps being offered this summer.  The camps, now in its 8th year of operation, provides a high level opportunity to players entering grades 5-12.

This will be the 8th year of operation for our camps. Every player that attends the camp sessions receives excellent fundamental skill development, offensive and defensive individual and team concepts, and they compete in a learning yet fun environment. The camps pride themselves on having the best coaching staff available to meet the needs of our aspiring young athletes. Every session is well planned and progressive, leading up to a tremendous improvement in each athlete by weeks end.

Here are just a few examples of some of the athletes that have attended the SJR-MBCI Summer Camp program. 



Darcy Coss                  Glenlawn         University of Manitoba           Basketball 

Nick Lother                 Jeane Sauve     University of Winnipeg          Basketball

Cam Hornby                Glenlawn          South Dakota State              Basketball 

Isaac Ansah                Glenlawn         U of M / Can-West All-Star       Basketball

Tyson Jones                Oak Park         University of Alberta             Basketball    

We look forward to seeing you at our camps this summer! 

For more information, including a registration form, go to




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