The MHSAA hosted its Provincial Basketball Championships over the weekend throughout the province at the AAAA, AAA, AA and A levels for boys and girls.  Congratulations to all the teams for making it to their respective provincial championship!  The following is a summary of all game results and championship all-stars...

For more information on all the championships, go to the respective Championship website...

Basketball Championships
JV Urban Girls  Boys
 "A Boys & Girls"




Friday, March 9, 2007

(9) Churchill over (8) Tec Voc - 74-65

(5) Fort Richmond over (12) Portage - 102-62

(11) Vincent Massey (Wpg) over (6) Sisler - 65-62

(7) Miles MacDonell vs (10) St. Paul's - 73-55

Saturday, March 10, 2007

(5) Fort Richmond over (4) Garden City     85-75

(1) Silver Heights vs Churchill   78-60

(2) Oak Park Raiders over (7) Miles MacDonell    68-47

(3) J.H. Bruns Broncos over Vincent Massey Trojans (Wpg) 98-71

Friday March 16, 2007

Fort Richmond over Silver Heights 62-58

Oak Park over JH Bruns 65-59

Championship Final

No. 2 Oak Park Raiders 80 No. 5 Fort Richmond Centurions 46

OP: Justin Roper 32, Ben Kingdon 17, Mike Ewanchuk 11

FRC: Kieron Mohammed 14, Andrew Rowan 13, Keshan Sankar 9

Players choice -- boys: Ben Kingdon, Oak Park

MVP -- boys: Justin Roper, Oak Park 




Friday, March 9, 2007

(5) Oak Park over  (12) St. Mary's Academy   52-27

(7) Vincent Massey (Wpg) over (11) Crocus Plains   67-50

(8) Churchill vs (9) Portage   80-51

(6) Westwood vs (11) River East   69-60

Saturday, March 10, 2007

(4) Lord Selkirk over  (5) Oak Park   62-60

(1) Glenlawn over (8) Churchill   52-43

(3) Sisler Spartans (6) Westwood   61-58

(2) Fort Richmond vs Vincent Massey(Wpg) 72-66

Thursday March 15, 2007

Glenlawn over Lord Selkirk 61-53  

Fort Richmond over Sisler 72-55

Championship Final

No. 2 Fort Richmond Centurions 60 No. 1 Glenlawn Lions 50

GL: Lauren Mortier 15, Sheena Gee 10, Diana Shaw 9

FRC: Mubo Ilelaboye 17, Maria Pawlyshyn 17, Pawandeep Sidhu 11

Players choice -- girls: Lauren Mortier, Glenlawn

MVP -- girls: Mubo Ilelaboye, Fort Richmond




Hapnot: 51 Windsor Park: 64

Dauphin: 81 St. Norbert: 88

Neelin: 95 Springs Christian: 64

Westgate: 69 Elmwood: 74

Consolation Semi-Final: Hapnot: 71 Dauphin: 62

Consolation Semi-Final: Westgate: 86 Springs Christian: 71

Semi-Final: St. Norbert: 48 Windsor Park: 66

Semi-Final: Neelin: 92 Elmwood: 45

Consolation Final: Westgate: 79 Hapnot: 63

Third Place: Elmwood: 65 St. Norbert: 85

Championship: Neelin: 62 Windsor Park: 64




Players Choice Award

Westgate: #25 Nick Miller



Elmwood: #13 Tony Khamphavong

St. Norbert: #21 Adam Holik

Neelin: #10 Sterling Nostedt

Neelin: #12 Mitch Third

Windsor Park: #21 Garett Sidor



Windsor Park: #12 Jamie Suppes





St. Norbert: 71 Edward Schreyer: 44

R.D. Parker: 62 Westgate: 55

Swan Valley: 68 Linden Christian: 42

Hapnot: 26 Neelin: 49

Consolation Semi-Final: Westgate: 70 Edward Schreyer: 46

Consolation Semi-Final: Hapnot: 47 Linden Christian: 35

Semi-Final: St. Norbert: 58 R.D. Parker: 37

Semi-Final: Swan Valley: 33 Neelin: 50

Consolation Final: Westgate: 58 Hapnot: 40

Third Place: R.D. Parker 42 Swan Valley: 59

Championship: St. Norbert: 59 Neelin: 63




Players Choice Award

Linden Christian: #5 Kaleigh Trask



Swan Valley: #7Melissa Johnson

R.D. Parker: #21 Erica Lowe

Westgate: #13 Anneke Hildebrand

St. Norbert: #3 Jaime Semchuk

Neelin: #10 Jessica Decter



Neelin: #34 Stephanie Lacey-Avon



AA BOYS RESULTS (Players of the Game listed after each team)


Boissevain Broncos        57         110       Mike Glover

Frontier Raiders 31         54         Joseph Butts


Major Pratt Trojans         30         66         Owen Orsak

Steinbach Christian        27         68         Steffan Reimer


Niverville Panthers          33         77         Justin Neufeld

Warren Wildcats            22         58         Mike Znack


Teulon Saints    31         57         Garrett Malcolm

MCI Blues         31         48         Curtis Toews


MacGregor Mustangs     31         89         Braden Nichol

Steinbach Christian        8          27         Riley Freilberg


Goose Lake Raiders       28         55         Andrew Sorochuk

Boissevain Broncos        15         35         Tyler Gauthier


Frontier Raiders 34         71         Travis Spence

Warren Wildcats            51         101       Brad Tully


Major Pratt Trojans         31         66         Roy Brandon

MCI Blues         30         63         Mark Peters


Niverville Panthers          27         58         Tim Goertzen

Goose Lake Raiders       35         77         Karl Messinbird


Teulon Saints    21         52         Devan Cox

MacGregor Mustangs     39         78         Darryl Wiebe


Boissevain Broncos        41         67         Mike Sicinski

Warren Wildcats            21         49         Blair Tully


Steinbach Christian        21         70         Josiah Johnson

Major Pratt Trojans         29         45         Jordan Auger


3rd place game Cancelled


Consolation Final          

Boissevain Broncos        32         69         Mike Rainnie

Steinbach Christian        24         47         Jordan Wiebe


Championship Final       

Goose Lake Raiders       44         82         Bobby Neufeld

MacGregor Mustangs     30         77         Braden Nicoll





Mike Rainnie     Boissevain

Kelly Savitzky    MacGregor

Braden Nicoll     MacGregor

Karl Messinbird Goose Lake

Andrew Sorochuk           Goose Lake


Tournament MVP

Bobby Neufeld   Goose Lake


Player's Choice Award

Mike Rainnie     Boissevain





Niverville Panthers            67       Ste Anne Lynx   53

St. Anne Lynx   50         Elm Creek Cobras          25        

Souris Sabres    51         Carberry Cougars              32

Elton Sabres     58         Goose Lake Angels        62

Major Pratt Trojans         48         Teulon Saints    60        

Boissevain Broncos        61         Ste.Anne           70

Niverville Panthers          70         Souris   62        

MAJOR PRATT LADY TROJANS            62         ELM CREEK COBRAS  30        

Elton Sabres     40         Carberry Cougars           36                    

Ste. Anne Lynx  66         Goose Lake Angels        58

Niverville            70         Teulon   55        

Boissevain Broncos        75         Major Pratt Lady Trojans 68

Souris Sabres    18         Elton     47

Teulon Saints    44        Goose Lake Angels        55

Boissevain Broncos        67         Elton Sabres     74




All Stars

Jillian Overby - Teulon Saints

Kristi Hunter - Goose Lake Angels (Roblin)

Sarah English - Ste Anne Lynx

Ashley Hoitink - Ste Anne Lynx

Nicole Braun - Niverville Panters



Brittany Adrian - Niverville Panthers


Players Choice -

Taya Stobbe - Bossevain Broncos





Ross L. Gray Raiders (Sprague) over West Lynn Heights  108-69

Players of the Game: Elias JVD (Ross L. Gray) Colin Thomas (West Lynn Heights)

Pinawa Panthers over Gilbert Plains Trojans 52-47

Players of the Game: T. George (Pinawa) John Gallant (Gilbert Plains)

Glenboro over Melita 59-25

Players of the Game: Shaun Webster (Glenboro) AJ Hutchins (Melita)

Treherne over St. Laurent 75-55

Players of the Game: Joel Rheault (Treherne) Dallas Boudreau (St. Laurent)

Consolation Semi-Finals (Boys)

West Lynn Heights over Gilbert Plains Collegiate 65-63

St. Laurent over Melita 71-64

Players of the Game: Robbie Sinclair (West Lynn) Jordan Dykun (Gilbert Plains) Dallas Boudreau (St. Laurent) A.J. Hutchins (Melita)

Consolation Finals (Boys)

St. Laurent over West Lynn Heights 72-60

Players of the Game: Jeff Halldorson (St. Laurent) Rene Bighetty (West Lynn Heights)

Championship Semi-Finals (Boys)

Ross L. Gray over Pinawa 77-38

Treherne over Glenboro 58-38

Players of the Game: S. Cabana ( Ross L. Gray) J. Stefaniuk (Pinawa) John Swanepoel (Glenboro) Jordan Lounsbury (Treherne)

Third Place Finals (Boys)

Pinawa over Glenboro 52-38

Players of the Game: Kirk Vilks (Pinawa) Travis Hallgrimson (Glenboro)

Championship (Boys)

Ross L. Gray over Treherne 107-66

Players of the Game: Warren Hovorka (Ross. L. Gray) Anthony Wilcox (Treherne)




Players Choice Award: Blaire Hodgins (Melita)


All- Stars:

John Swanepoel (Glenboro)

Tyler George (Pinawa)

Jordan Lounsbury (Treherne)

Merv Hovorka (Ross L. Gray)

Stephan Cabana (Ross L. Gray)


2007 Provincial High School Basketball Championship MVP: Elias Jansen Van Doorn




Glenboro Panthers over Mel Johnson Eagles (Wabowden) 53-29

Players of the Game: Dayna Prost (Glenboro), Kendra McIvor (Wabowden)

Grandview Spartans over Rosenort Redhawks 68-31

Players of the Game: Rhianna Morin (Grandview) Amanda Dueck (Rosenort)

Treherne over Wawanesa 63-37

Players of the Game: Shannon Forbes (Treherne) Kailey Kowalick (Wawanesa)

Strathclair over Pinawa 49-44

Players of the Game: Chelsey Kretai (Strathclair) B. Evenden (Pinawa)


Consolation Semi-Finals (Girls)

Pinawa over Rosenort 53-39

Mel Johnson over Wawanesa 54-42

Players of the Game:

A. Edwards (Pinawa) J. Dueck (Rosenort) Megan McIvor (Mel Johnson) Claire Kincaid (Wawanesa)

Consolation Final (Girls)

Pinawa over Mel Johnson 50-47

Players of the Game: Madison Backer (Pinawa) Kim Becker (Mel Johnson)

Championship Semi-Finals: Girls

Glenboro over Treherne 71-55

Strathclair over Grandview 46-36

Players of the game: Robyn Small (Treherne) Alyssa Haasbeek (Glenboro) Erin Geekie (Strathclair) Ashley Sidlar (Grandview)

Third Place Final (Girls)

Grandview over Treherne 55-47

Players of the Game: Jen Dalgleish (Grandview) Andrea Rheault (Treherne)

Championship Finals (Girls)

Glenboro over Strathclair 48-47

Players of the Game: Katie Craig (Glenboro) Stacy Gill (Strathclair)




Players Choice Award: Rhianna Morin (Grandview)


All- Stars:

Andrea Rheault (Treherne)

Rhianna Morin (Grandview)

Katie Craig (Glenboro)

Chelsea Kretai (Strathclair)

Erin Geekie (Strathclair)


2007 Provincial High School Basketball Championship MVP: Dayna Prost (Glenboro)


For more information on all the championships, go to the respective Championship website...

Basketball Championships
JV Urban Girls  Boys
 "A Boys & Girls"




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